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Safe-T-Fresh Updates Deodorizer Formula

Safe-T-Fresh Updates Deodorizer Formula

Safe-T-Fresh has improved the formula for their liquid deodorizers and released two new scents; Lavender and Cherry Blossom. The two new scents were showcased at the recent WWETTT Show and saw immediate success.

Ramya Kothamasu, the research scientist at Safe-T-Fresh in Cedar Park, TX is optimistic about the influence the new deodorizers could have on the industry. “This fragrance technology is going to revolutionize Safe-T-Fresh deodorizers and cleaning products,” said Kothamasu.

The updated formula controls odor by bonding with the malodor and improving it throughout the entire service cycle. While the newly developed deodorizers contain a stronger fragrance, its ability to bond with the smells and improve them separates it from past formulas. The current deodorizer fragrances, Cherry, Lemon, Mountain Breeze, Spice, Hot Cinnamon, Spring Valley, Ocean, Mulberry and Bubble Gum will also be made with the new formula.

“The best way to describe the difference (in formulas) is dynamic. For instance, if you compare our current cherry with our new cherry fragrance, you would say it is a purer scent,” said Kothamasu.

Safe-T-Fresh deodorizers are also available in a packet form with formulas designed to work in all seasons and traffic conditions.

With the season getting under way make sure to contact Safe-T-Fresh at 877-764-7297 with any questions and visit the Safe-T-Fresh website for more information and purchasing options.

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