Simplify Your Processes: One-Stop Shop for Consumables & Facility Supplies

In the competitive landscape of portable restroom operations, a seamless and efficient business model is the key to success.  Enter Satellite Industries’ Consumables Division, a revolutionary force that exceeds expectations. Satellite is not just a supplier of portable restrooms and restroom equipment; it now offers a complete range of business essentials from office supplies to

Essential Equipment for Your Portable Sanitation Startup

Getting Into the Portable Sanitation Industry - Top Things to Know - Part 3

Starting a portable sanitation business can be a lucrative venture. There is a constant need for clean and accessible restrooms in multiple places, for example, at events, construction sites, and other locations. However, success in the portable sanitation industry depends on having the right equipment. The right tools allow you to provide high-quality service to

How Many Portable Restrooms Do You Need To Start a Rental Business? 

Getting Into the Portable Sanitation Industry - Top Things to Know - Part 2

What may not come to mind when you’re first developing your portable restroom start-up is how many portable restrooms are needed to start a rental business. Depending on your strategies, you could conceivably launch a portable restroom start-up with a single unit. Let’s look at what other factors should be considered before building your inventory. 

Buyer Beware: A Used Vacuum Truck Equipment Checklist

Getting Into the Portable Sanitation Industry - Top Things to Know - Part 1

Portable restrooms are essential for worksites, concert venues, public areas and parks. While it’s not the most glamorous business undertaking, the portable sanitation industry is an essential one that is expected to grow by over 7% each year between 2022 to 2030. Regular rounds of restroom maintenance and cleaning are an essential part of the business.

Retain Quality Employees in Your Portable Sanitation Business

Attracting and retaining quality employees is becoming increasingly challenging. As a sanitation business owner, it’s time to rethink your benefits and other perks to make your industry more appealing and improve retention. Why Is Employee Retention a Challenge? Employee retention has emerged as a widespread issue over the past few years. More than 41 million

Assess Your Sanitation Business Financial Health

The financial health of a business will determine its longevity and success. Understanding your business’s financial health is critical to keeping it running. When a business leaks money, it creates bigger holes within the operation.  Your job as a business owner is to ensure no hole becomes too big and address all concerns immediately. You

Best Practices for Debt Collection in the Sanitation Industry

Overdue...Debt Collection Strategies

Getting and receiving payment for goods and services is what makes the world go round in business. But what if a client refuses to pay their invoice? It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does, depending on how large the debt is, it can throw your books off or, worse, your world if the

P2P Payments for Small Business

Credit Card Payments for Small Business

Social payments, Peer-to-peer payments, or P2P Payments for small business is the new player on the field. While these services are best known for exchanging money between friends for things like splitting the bill for dinner, you may also take payment for on-the-go small business transactions. All Teed Up It’s effortless to take payments via

Payment Service Providers or PSPs

Credit Card Payments for Small Business

The popularity of payment service providers (PSPs) like PayPal and Square is trending upwards. While there are plenty of bells and whistles associated with PSP payments, there are also important factors to consider for your bottom line. Track Record One of the first PSP payment services, PayPal, started in 1998 when it became the in-house

Traditional Credit Card Merchant Services

Credit Card Payments for Small Business

Before the internet, there were limited options for how a business handles a credit card purchase. These days, the possibilities are head spinning with payment acceptance choices. In the first installment of our credit card processing series, we look at the traditional credit card merchant services model and determine if it is still a service