Climbing Resin Prices, Material Shortages, and Environmental Change: The Impact on the Sanitation Industry

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Recent events like Winter Storm Uri have made more of a wave than many have realized. Whether these obstacles have directly impacted your business or you’ve avoided taking a hit, companies in every industry need to be aware. The sanitation industry relies on resin, plastics, and other materials. Changes in pricing and material shortages have

Plastics and Raw Materials: How Rising Costs Will Affect the Sanitation Industry

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has impacted businesses of every kind, but the sanitation industry, in particular, has been affected in numerous ways. An efficient and organized supply chain is required for companies to operate correctly, and if one component experiences change, the results can be exponential. On top of that, recent snowstorms and winter weather

Economic Indicators: What to Look for During Growth and Planning

The world around us is ever-changing, and our economy is too. Whether you’re a business owner strategizing to better cater to today’s customer-focused marketing trends or want to support your company’s growth, studying various economic indicators can be extremely helpful. You may be wondering what defines an economic indicator and where you can begin. Well,

How to Focus on Customer Acquisition in a Socially Distant World

It’s true. The world we’ve known is changing, and as a business owner, you’ve likely been curious as to how your company can succeed in this new socially distant society. Rest assured, you’re not alone. Business owners worldwide have been interested in how they can continue building a client base while offering the ultimate customer

Equipment Leasing 101: What We Learned From Restroom & Vacuum Truck Financing

Businesses in every industry, especially sanitation, require equipment to function adequately and meet customer needs. It can be costly to buy equipment outright, especially when new models and technology are released nearly every year. Equipment leasing can often be a cost-effective solution for business owners and customers. This way you have funds that can be

Customer-Focused Marketing Trends for Sanitation Companies and Beyond

At the start of each year, many business owners begin to prepare by reviewing the concluding year’s popular marketing trends and refocus their strategies based on these findings. With many businesses transitioning to online stores due to unforeseen circumstances, customer-focused marketing is becoming more popular. Customer-focused marketing is multi-faceted, meaning there are many avenues in

Hiring Tips From the Sanitation Pros

Here at Satellite Industries, we’re aware of the value in hiring the right people for the job. Whether you’re in sanitation or another industry altogether, putting the right people in place is vital to your success. Developing an effective interview and hiring process is hugely beneficial as this not only sets you up for success but

Dealing With Conflict in the Workplace – the Sanitation Way

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No matter the industry your business falls into, it’s likely you’ll experience some sort of conflict in the workplace – even in sanitation companies. You may be having a dispute about how to respond and navigate bad customer reviews, or management may have uncertainty in transitioning your brick-and-mortar location online. Conflict can appear in many

Transitioning Your Business Online: Mobile Tips and More

Online Presence

Throughout the world, businesses are choosing to transition to online because of the continued growing popularity of online shopping and other pivotal world events. Becoming familiar with the benefits of an online presence and how to manage it effectively are the first steps to getting the results you’re hoping for. Whether it’s creating an effective