Choosing the Right Marketing Channel | Branding Strategy Part 4

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We’re finally on the next to last step of our 5 part branding strategy series! In today’s installment of our blog, we’re going over how to choose the right marketing channel. With all of the new forms of communication, it’s become more important than ever to choose the proper way to communicate your marketing message

Setting Goals for Your Branding Strategy

Setting Goals for Your Marketing Strategy

We’re halfway through our 5 part series on building a brand strategy for you sanitation business! We’ve tackled, Know Your Audience, and Establishing Your Market Position, and no it’s time to cover step 3 – Setting Goals for Your Branding Strategy. This is one of the toughest steps to tackle when creating your brand strategy. One

Establishing Your Market Position | Brand Strategy Step 2

Your Market Position Counts

Hopefully, you enjoyed our last blog, “Branding Your Sanitation Business – Know Your Audience” – the first step in building a brand strategy and marketing your sanitation company! Today we’re moving onto step 2, “Establishing Your Market Position”. To recap, during the 2018 FOWA Trade Show, we were able to host a marketing seminar centered

Branding Your Sanitation Business – Know Your Audience

Recently, at the FOWA Trade Show, we were fortunate enough to host a Marketing and Branding seminar for the sanitation professionals in attendance. Although it was mostly a high-level overview, outlining basic business strategies for marketing your business, it was very well received! Due to the amount of positive feedback that we received, we decided

Managing Your Construction Site Sanitation Equipment

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Although we’re approaching the end of “busy season”, construction sites aren’t showing signs of slowing down. Everywhere you look, you see new buildings, homes, neighborhoods, and construction projects popping up. There’s a lot of money left to be made this year! With construction on the rise, you have to ask yourself, “do I have the

Sinks | 4 Effective Selling Points for Hand Wash Stations

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When your customers (or the end user) think about portable sanitation equipment, their minds typically go straight to portable restrooms. But what about the sinks? Hand-wash stations are often overlooked by people who are in the market for renting portable restrooms. Whether it’s due to cost or the perceived maintenance hassles, portable sinks don’t seem

What is the ‘Real’ Demand for Renting Portable Restrooms?

Demand_Renting Portable Restrooms

Have you ever wondered just how busy the companies renting portable restrooms really are? To ponder the real demand for portable restrooms, consider every concert, race, or special event you have ever attended. Think of each construction site you have ever driven past. Each of these places, and many more, need portable restrooms for customers,

“Kaizen” – Continuous Improvement at PolyPortables

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You may be thinking, “what the heck is that word, and why is a portable toilet manufacturer using it”? Well, today we’re giving you a lesson in Continuous Improvement (Kaizen – kīzan), and showing you how we apply this philosophy to our business! First, let’s start with a simple definition: Kaizen (改善), is the Japanese word for “change for

Decline in Physical Retail Sales Provides Insight for Portable Sanitation

PSAI talks retail sales and industry trends

The following blog, “Decline in Physical Retail Sales Provides Insight for Portable Sanitation” was written by Karleen Kos, PSAI Executive Director. We found it so insightful that we couldn’t help but share it! Enjoy the information and in the future, consider becoming a members of this great organization. Links to apply below. Physical Retail Sales –