Zoom Meetings – What Does F2F Marketing Look Like Post COVID?

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Zoom, Go To Meeting, Facetime, even social media apps that allow video calls… All of these platforms have become the ‘new norm’ for socializing post COVID-19. The sanitation industry was built on in-person, face to face (F2F) communication. Now, with mandatory social distancing guidelines in place, that seems nearly impossible. What can you do to

Dealing with Bad Reviews Online

Bad Reviews

It’s every business’s nightmare — bad reviews online that are turning away customers left, right and center. OK… maybe you’re not dealing with negativity on that scale, but even a single bad review can be challenging to deal with. These negative reviews have the potential to drastically hurt your business. A survey conducted by Bright Local found that

Creating Digital Content for Your Online Audience

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In last week’s blog, we went over the “in’s and out’s” of SEO and PPC digital advertising. It’s important to start with a foundation of knowledge when choosing how you want to spend your time and money advertising online. Now that we know the basics, it’s time to look at creating digital content for your

EPA Registered Products | What’s in Your Disinfectant?

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Keeping customers safe and equipment clean is always top-of-mind for the sanitation industry. Now more than ever, your clients want the assurance that proper measures are being taken to protect themselves and others. As such, they may want to know exactly what’s in the products you use to disinfect and sanitize equipment. In some cases, only

Navigating Business Relationships in Uncertain Times

Business Relationships are more important than ever.

Personal and professional relationships are incredibly valuable in the portable sanitation industry. From trade shows to client meetings and service calls, everyone knows one another. Trust and mutual respect are words that come to mind when thinking of our customer’s relationships with their clients. But, how do you navigate contracts and business relationships in the

Customer Innovation, Community, Essential Services and Emergency Relief!

Handwash stations for the homeless in CA

They say that hard times reveal a person’s character. The portable sanitation industry is filled with strong individuals, who truly care about the health and safety of their communities. In this time of need we’ve seen our industry band together, create innovative solutions to our nation’s problems, and provide much-needed emergency relief and essential sanitary

Employee Health and Safety – Info from the CDC

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It’s more important than ever to provide guidance for reducing health risks to workers handling human waste or sewage. Workers who handle human waste or sewage may be at increased risk of becoming ill from waterborne diseases. To reduce these risks, we’ve compiled a great list of resources from the CDC to help you keep

Disinfectant for Use Against COVID-19 and Other Viruses

disinfectant technology and application

The portable sanitation industry has been at the forefront of providing hygienic, sanitary equipment to the public sector for generations. Rental companies, who supply this equipment (handwash stations, portable restrooms, etc..) for public use have always focused on proper cleaning. Disinfectant, antibacterials, and other cleaning products are a major part of the job. Now in

True Economic Impacts of Sanitation Equipment Sales

economic impact of sanitation equipment

There’s no doubt about it… the industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Still, the sanitation equipment industry is considered small when compared to the Fortune 500. Although our industry is filled with companies of all different sizes and profit margins, did you know that sanitation equipment sales (from any size company) are a key