Trailer Production to Double with Satellite Suites® Expansion

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Increasing the Satellite Suites® Trailer Production has been a long-standing mission for our company. “What do you have available?” seems to be the standard question of those calling Satellite Suites. If there is one thing true about the restroom trailer demand, it’s growing, and Satellite Suites is expanding to meet customer demands. Our trailer manufacturing

Coverage of Satellite Industries’ Acquisition of PolyPortables

We take immense pride in our PSAI membership. That’s why we’ve given them the inside scoop into the Satellite acquisition of PolyPortables. It’s important to us that all of our customers, and the entire industry, stay informed on our major company announcements. The PSAI has the capacity to make that happen. The following blog by Karleen

Decline in Physical Retail Sales Provides Insight for Portable Sanitation

PSAI talks retail sales and industry trends

The following blog, “Decline in Physical Retail Sales Provides Insight for Portable Sanitation” was written by Karleen Kos, PSAI Executive Director. We found it so insightful that we couldn’t help but share it! Enjoy the information and in the future, consider becoming a members of this great organization. Links to apply below. Physical Retail Sales –

PolyPortables, the Newest Division of Satellite Industries.

PolyPortables is a New Division of Satellite Industries

Polyportables is excited to announce that it is now a member of the Satellite Industries family. This acquisition includes the manufacturing plants and equipment, restroom and deodorizer products, and distribution warehouses.  The management team, office, production and warehouse staff will also be retained as part of this exciting arrangement. PolyPortables is the newest division of