A Guide to Managing Recruitment & Retention in Today’s Sanitation Industry

Recruiting and retaining talented, hard-working individuals is the goal of any prospering business. In today’s ever-changing work landscape, it’s essential to provide enticing benefits packages that foster genuine employee relationships and appreciation. As younger generations continue to move into today’s workforce, it’s up to managers to create a culture that promotes success, personal and professional

10 Tips for Managing Business Growth in a Healthy Way

When you start a business, the desire to grow is inevitable. You may have steadily grown or suddenly grown, or perhaps you’re flatlining and simply maintaining what you already had. A successful business lasts. A successful business grows. No growth or too rapid growth can ruin your company. That’s true for businesses of every size,

A Helpful Guide for Planning Your Next Special Event: Making the Bid and Beyond

When it comes to making the bid on a job, you have to get out there and actively bid on projects to keep your crew busy and your business thriving. Take a conservative approach to the bidding game, however, and your business will likely starve. There simply aren’t many projects that just fall into your lap.

Market Your Sanitation Business Successfully

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, your sanitation business needs a comprehensive marketing plan. 2021 marketing trends utilize customer-focused marketing. Customer-focused marketing allows your current and potential clients to feel a closer connection to what your business offers. How can you use this style of marketing to your advantage? As you consider your

Identify Your Customers! Who’s Actually Renting Portable Restrooms?

Identify Your Customers

Everyone… EVERYONE… has to go to the bathroom. It’s easy to imagine throngs of people, flocking to your business to rent portable restrooms. However, that’s typically not the case. You have to work tirelessly to find new (good) customers, who need your services. Whether it’s special events, weddings, sporting events, or construction sites, you have

How Restroom Trucks Can Boost Your Business Reach

Boost Your Business Reach

Modern portable sanitation products are constantly evolving to become more efficient and effective during large-scale events or environments like construction sites. Offering portable restrooms in combination with restroom trucks can boost customer confidence in your business. Whether they’re being utilized on a construction site or during a fair, festival, or other public activity, customers like

How Summer Cost Increases Will Impact the 2021 Event Industry

Changes in the Event Industry in 2021

COVID-19 affected the world in many ways, from high hospitalization rates and business closures to lockdowns, halted special events, and more. Many companies were drastically impacted, including the event and sanitation industries. Portable restroom providers wonder what’s next for their companies as 2020 brought many new issues to life: freshwater availability, handwash importance, timing orders

How We Created a Happy and Efficient Workplace

Successful businesses work to create a happy workplace for their employees, and as a result, efficiency and productivity go up. Today’s workforce looks at many facets of a company before accepting an offer, from benefits and salary to workload and time off. However, many are more concerned about the workplace’s overall atmosphere as they want