Zoom Meetings – What Does F2F Marketing Look Like Post COVID?

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Zoom, Go To Meeting, Facetime, even social media apps that allow video calls… All of these platforms have become the ‘new norm’ for socializing post COVID-19. The sanitation industry was built on in-person, face to face (F2F) communication. Now, with mandatory social distancing guidelines in place, that seems nearly impossible. What can you do to

Dealing with Bad Reviews Online

Bad Reviews

It’s every business’s nightmare — bad reviews online that are turning away customers left, right and center. OK… maybe you’re not dealing with negativity on that scale, but even a single bad review can be challenging to deal with. These negative reviews have the potential to drastically hurt your business. A survey conducted by Bright Local found that

Satellite’s Essential Employees – Dedicated to Serving Our Customers

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Essential: adjective | Es·sen·tial – absolutely necessary; extremely important. The past few months have been an incredible challenge for our industry. We know that all of our customers have felt the effects. However, the sanitation industry has been deemed essential. That means staying open and getting the job done, under new and ever-changing conditions. The

Customer Innovation, Community, Essential Services and Emergency Relief!

Handwash stations for the homeless in CA

They say that hard times reveal a person’s character. The portable sanitation industry is filled with strong individuals, who truly care about the health and safety of their communities. In this time of need we’ve seen our industry band together, create innovative solutions to our nation’s problems, and provide much-needed emergency relief and essential sanitary

Protect Yourself and Your Company From Contagious Viruses Like the Flu and Coronavirus!

The best method for combatting the flu is vaccines, but some contagious viruses, like the new coronavirus, require more pro-active thought. Proper handwashing hygiene is an incredible defense against many contagious viruses, not just the flu. It may seem simple, and that’s because it is — but you would be surprised (and possibly grossed out)

Super Bowl LIII, 2019 | Portable Sanitation Management

Super Bowl LIII United Rentals Feature

Two months ago, Atlanta, Georgia played host to Super Bowl LIII.  Two years of planning led up to the big game on Sunday, Feb. 3rd, 2019. Although it was the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history, the city and the professionals managing the sanitation at the event scored big! There were 10,000 volunteers helping at