Examining the Key Elements of Vacuum Technology

Key Elements of Vacuum Technology

Satellite Sanitrax state-of-the-art restroom facility modules combine advanced vacuum technology with modular design, offering a comprehensive range of restroom facilities tailored for various settings and needs. From large-scale events to disaster relief efforts, these modular facilities are poised to transform how event planners and disaster relief coordinators approach sanitation. Join us in exploring the modules

Vacuum Technology 101

Vacuum Technology 101

Welcome to the forefront of portable sanitation, where convenience, efficiency, and minimal environmental impact converge. Satellite’s Vacuum Technology division redefines the concept of portability and practicality by offering unparalleled customization through modular design and a fresh flush every time. Learn why Vacuum Technology is the ideal solution for events, festivals, fairs, humanitarian aid, and military

Buyer Beware: A Used Vacuum Truck Equipment Checklist

Getting Into the Portable Sanitation Industry - Top Things to Know - Part 1

Portable restrooms are essential for worksites, concert venues, public areas and parks. While it’s not the most glamorous business undertaking, the portable sanitation industry is an essential one that is expected to grow by over 7% each year between 2022 to 2030. Regular rounds of restroom maintenance and cleaning are an essential part of the business.

Winterizing Your Portable Restrooms and Handwash Units


When the cold temperatures arrive, so must your determination to protect your assets from the cold. The next series will cover how to winterize everything from your portable restrooms to your specialty trailers so you can keep your investments in good working condition. This post covers winterization tips and brine solutions for even the coldest

Employee Health and Safety – Info from the CDC

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It’s more important than ever to provide guidance for reducing health risks to workers handling human waste or sewage. Workers who handle human waste or sewage may be at increased risk of becoming ill from waterborne diseases. To reduce these risks, we’ve compiled a great list of resources from the CDC to help you keep

Portable Sink Maintenance: A Complete Guide

While there seems to be a lot of information floating around the internet regarding portable toilet maintenance, we noticed that there wasn’t much on portable sink maintenance. These welcome additions to many portable restrooms need to be cleaned and maintained with just as much care as the restrooms themselves, and in today’s Coronavirus context, you’ll

Protect Yourself and Your Company From Contagious Viruses Like the Flu and Coronavirus!

The best method for combatting the flu is vaccines, but some contagious viruses, like the new coronavirus, require more pro-active thought. Proper handwashing hygiene is an incredible defense against many contagious viruses, not just the flu. It may seem simple, and that’s because it is — but you would be surprised (and possibly grossed out)

6 Downright Dirty Things That Can Happen If You Don’t Have a Handwashing Station

Popper Handwashing Station Hygiene

Even if your mother didn’t constantly remind you to wash your hands, you definitely know that you should. The world is a giant petri dish filled with bacteria, viruses, and other nasties that we would all rather avoid. Unfortunately, it’s easy to spread sicknesses around — especially if you’re not taking the right precautions. Today,

True Economic Impacts of Sanitation Equipment Sales

economic impact of sanitation equipment

There’s no doubt about it… the industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Still, the sanitation equipment industry is considered small when compared to the Fortune 500. Although our industry is filled with companies of all different sizes and profit margins, did you know that sanitation equipment sales (from any size company) are a key

Sinks | 4 Effective Selling Points for Hand Wash Stations

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When your customers (or the end user) think about portable sanitation equipment, their minds typically go straight to portable restrooms. But what about the sinks? Hand-wash stations are often overlooked by people who are in the market for renting portable restrooms. Whether it’s due to cost or the perceived maintenance hassles, portable sinks don’t seem