COVID-19’s Effect on the Portable Restroom Industry

COVID-19's Effect on the Portable Restroom Industry could mean changes for your business.

COVID-19 has had a multitude of effects on every industry imaginable. While coronavirus impacted the live events and entertainment industries negatively at first, the sanitation industry experienced a huge increase in demand. At the pandemic’s start, many people were desperate for an ample supply of hand sanitizer, surface disinfectants, and toilet paper. Now as time has

Equipment Leasing 101: What We Learned From Restroom & Vacuum Truck Financing

Businesses in every industry, especially sanitation, require equipment to function adequately and meet customer needs. It can be costly to buy equipment outright, especially when new models and technology are released nearly every year. Equipment leasing can often be a cost-effective solution for business owners and customers. This way you have funds that can be

Emergency Restroom Trailers – How Many Do You Really Need?

It’s becoming more and more common to provide portable restroom trailers for private or corporate events, but how does the industry deal with emergency restroom trailers for natural disasters (or other crises)? Each time there’s a flood, fire, or other national emergency, we see the portable sanitation industry surge with portable restrooms and sinks. You

Sanitary Restroom Trailers – Keep Them Safe and Sanitary

Sanitary Restroom Trailers

Portable restrooms are nothing new. The colorful plastic rectangles that many of us have found to be a convenient necessity. Well, now there’s a way to bring some in-home comfort and even style to the portable restroom arena. Portable restroom trailers are an upscale option for sanitation on-the-go. Well, what makes these units so much

Facility Expansion in Bristol, IN

Satellite Facility Expansion in Indiana

Operators are expanding their businesses. Satellite|PolyPortables is responding by doubling their Bristol, IN distribution and manufacturing center from 120,000 sq. ft. to 240,000 sq. ft. This facility expansion means increased availability of products for their customers. Satellite|PolyPortables Facility Expansion Doubles Production Space! In 2015 Satellite built a new Central Distribution Center (CDC) to house additional inventory, increase