Benefits of Portable-Laundry Trailers for Disaster Relief

Laundry Trailers

Portable laundry trailers play a pivotal role in supporting the well-being and restoring a sense of normalcy for disaster victims. These mobile units house multiple washers and dryers and can be easily transported to affected areas, ensuring that those in need have access to clean clothing, bedding, and towels. Powered by generators or external sources,

Mobile-Shower Trailers for Disaster-Relief Operations

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Natural and artificial disasters aren’t something to be taken lightly. While no one expects to be living in a disaster-relief area, it happens far more often than you’d think. When a natural disaster strikes, one of the most crucial aspects of relief efforts is providing basic necessities to affected communities. While food, water, and shelter are

Mobile Restroom, Handwash, and Bunk Trailers for Disaster Relief


During natural disasters and emergencies, the availability of clean and hygienic restroom, handwash, and bunk facilities is critical for disaster survivors and recovery workers. In such challenging circumstances, clean and sanitary facilities are necessary for recovery victims to combat the spread of disease and safeguard survivors’ and recovery workers’ overall well-being with comfortable sleeping quarters.

Essential Equipment for Your Portable Sanitation Startup

Getting Into the Portable Sanitation Industry - Top Things to Know - Part 3

Starting a portable sanitation business can be a lucrative venture. There is a constant need for clean and accessible restrooms in multiple places, for example, at events, construction sites, and other locations. However, success in the portable sanitation industry depends on having the right equipment. The right tools allow you to provide high-quality service to

Buyer Beware: A Used Vacuum Truck Equipment Checklist

Getting Into the Portable Sanitation Industry - Top Things to Know - Part 1

Portable restrooms are essential for worksites, concert venues, public areas and parks. While it’s not the most glamorous business undertaking, the portable sanitation industry is an essential one that is expected to grow by over 7% each year between 2022 to 2030. Regular rounds of restroom maintenance and cleaning are an essential part of the business.

Winterizing Your Satellite Suites Trailer


While the temperatures are cold, protecting your restroom trailer from becoming a frozen igloo is vital because your Satellite SuiteTM trailer works mainly with water and pipes to function. Frozen water in pipes is no joke because the icy water expands within the lines and will cause cracking leading to damage and expensive repairs. Below

Winterizing Your Portable Restrooms and Handwash Units


When the cold temperatures arrive, so must your determination to protect your assets from the cold. The next series will cover how to winterize everything from your portable restrooms to your specialty trailers so you can keep your investments in good working condition. This post covers winterization tips and brine solutions for even the coldest

Vacuum Technology in Portable Restrooms – Festival & Events

At least for now, restrictions are lifting and people are flocking to popular destinations. Festivals, concerts, weddings, and religious celebrations around the world are being attended in record numbers. Wherever crowds of people gather, reliable and hygienic toilets are essential. Vacuum Technology in Portable Restrooms can be incredibly convenient when managing sanitation in large crowds.

How Vacuum Technology is Changing the Portable Sanitation Industry

There’s a lot you can say about the evolution of vacuum technology, especially in recent years. But one thing that’s always been true is how versatile vacuum technology truly is. The idea of using a vacuum in different industries has been around since its discovery many centuries ago. However today, you can find vacuum technology

COVID-19’s Effect on the Portable Restroom Industry

COVID-19 has had a multitude of effects on every industry imaginable. While coronavirus impacted the live events and entertainment industries negatively at first, the sanitation industry experienced a huge increase in demand. At the pandemic’s start, many people were desperate for an ample supply of hand sanitizer, surface disinfectants, and toilet paper. Now as time has