Engineering Our Standard Line - Part 3

Introducing the Innovators Behind Satellite Industries’ Portable Restroom Molded Products

At Satellite Industries, our reputation as industry innovators is made possible by the brilliance and dedication of our engineering team. With over 80 years of combined experience, our small yet mighty team of engineers has honed their skills in designing and constructing robust structures that are lightweight, easy to maintain, and built to withstand the test of time. In this article, we invite you to get to know our talented engineers and product developers, who play a vital role in visualizing, designing, building, testing, and refining products that enhance the experience of both operators and end users.

Ken Schomburg – Director of Research and Development

With a passion for working with wood and steel, Ken Schomburg brings 32 years of engineering expertise to Satellite Industries. Ken’s journey with us began eight years ago when we recognized his exceptional skills and hired him as the Director of Research and Development. He holds a BS in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Stout. Ken’s impressive career started as an industrial designer at a prominent firm in the Twin Cities, where he eventually became the head of the engineering department. Throughout his career, he gained expertise in designing a wide range of products, from medical devices to kayaks, with a specialization in plastics. Ken’s exceptional talent and dedication to his craft make him an invaluable member of our team.

Mitch Gagnon – R & D Tech – Product Development

Mitch’s journey with Satellite Industries began in the shipping department approximately 30 years ago. His curiosity and motivation drove him to explore opportunities in the R & D/Engineering department, where he found his true calling. With unwavering dedication and motivation, Mitch has remained in the R & D/Engineering technician position ever since. Mitch’s early career involved building and testing hydraulic motors before he pursued a college education at the University of Minnesota Duluth. During his senior year of college, Mitch joined Satellite Industries for a summer job in the shipping department. Little did he know that this temporary position would become a lifelong commitment. Today, Mitch is responsible for testing our products, ensuring their durability and reliability. He also contributes to creating assembly and usage instructions, assists with new product designs, works on Engineering Change Orders (ECOs), and assists in shipping during busy periods. Mitch’s long-standing commitment and expertise makes him an integral part of our engineering team.

Isaac Audette – Engineering Tech

From a young age, Isaac Audette was captivated by the process of building things. Playing with Legos and constructing various models ignited his passion for engineering. Pursuing his childhood dream, Isaac studied Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. There, he acquired the skills and knowledge to design and produce a wide range of products and systems. After graduating, Isaac started his career as a project designer, focusing on theater setups and installing backstage equipment for plays and performances. However, Isaac soon discovered his desire to be involved in the fabrication and testing phases of product development. That’s when he found his place at Satellite Industries. Here, Isaac combines his design expertise with hands-on work, creating and testing new prototypes and designs for our units. Utilizing 3D printers, he can visualize and evaluate the functionality of these designs on a smaller scale. Isaac’s contribution to the improvement and efficiency of our units plays a crucial role in delivering high-quality products to our customers.

Doug Loebertmann

Doug Loebertmann, Vice President of Satellite Industries’ Consumable Products Division, has had a diverse and accomplished career. At the age of 21, Doug realized his passion for engineering while working alongside engineers and recognizing the potential it held. With an Associate Degree of Science in Mechanical Drafting from Northwest Technical Institute, he pursued his dream by first enrolling at Normandale Community College, attending evening and weekend classes, balancing a full-time job during the day, and then Doug transferring to the University of Minnesota to earn a Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering (BME).

Doug joined Satellite Industries while pursuing his engineering degree through the university’s extension program. His involvement in product development led to the creation of notable products such as the Maxim 2000, Freedom 2, and various flushing and tank systems for Asian markets. Prior to his time at Satellite, Doug worked at a technology company, where he designed mechanical packaging for optical switches, light pens, and even a transistor. Seeking greater challenges, he was captivated by Satellite during the interview process and impressed by the extensive molded parts and diverse molding processes.

Doug’s engineering background has proven invaluable throughout his three different careers at Satellite, including product development engineer, Director of Supply, and now Vice President. Although he realized engineering wasn’t his long-term aspiration, the problem-solving skills and innovative mindset he gained during his studies continue to benefit his current role as Vice President. Doug appreciates the enduring impact of his engineering degree, as it enables him to think creatively and overcome complex challenges in the manufacturing and supply chain activities he finds so intriguing.


At Satellite Industries, our engineers are the backbone of our manufacturing excellence. With their ingenuity, dedication, and expertise, they continuously strive to create portable toilets that surpass expectations and withstand the test of time. Their collective experience and passion fuel the innovation behind our robust structures, ensuring they are lightweight, easy to maintain, and built to the highest standards. We are proud to have such a talented team shaping the future of our industry, pushing boundaries, and delivering high-quality products that enhance the experience of operators and end users alike. If you would like to read the Engineering our Standard Lineup of Restrooms series from the beginning, click here.

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