Sanitary Restroom Trailers

Sanitary Restroom Trailers – Keep Them Safe and Sanitary

Portable restrooms are nothing new. The colorful plastic rectangles that many of us have found to be a convenient necessity. Well, now there’s a way to bring some in-home comfort and even style to the portable restroom arena. Portable restroom trailers are an upscale option for sanitation on-the-go.

Well, what makes these units so much better? Besides the noticeable aesthetic features that make these restrooms more appealing to look at and use, the interior is in a league of its own. Features like lighted mirrors, faux marble or granite countertops, spaciousness, privacy, fully functioning sinks, air conditioning and heat…the list of potential features go on and on. Perhaps the most significant difference is that restroom trailer bathrooms are flushable.

Compared to portable toilets (traditional port potties), restroom trailers have running water and are flushable. This design is a welcomed luxury upgrade from open-air cabins that expose waste and rely solely on chemical solutions to deodorize or break down waste. the restroom trailer design closely resembles an in-home bathroom where waste is carried away to the septic tank. Here, you don’t have to worry about waste left behind. There are no unpleasant odors that require deodorizers, no chemicals, just a simple flush. 

There’s a lot of options to choose from as well. From multi-trailers to standalone units, the flexibility to create the perfect restroom solution for your event, construction site, or need is here. With running water sinks and flushable toilets, the restroom remains fresh, pleasant, and sanitary. That doesn’t mean that they are entirely maintenance-free. There are some steps you need to take to keep your restroom trailers safe, clean, and comfortable for users.

Maintenance Tips

Sanitary Restroom Trailers come in a variety of sizes!

Keeping your restroom trailers clean during use and in-between rentals will not only keep them sanitary but lengthen their lifespan. Restrooms aren’t the most pleasant environments on the planet, but that doesn’t mean they should be unpleasant. Sticking to a regular maintenance schedule will save you a lot of time and energy down the road.

General Cleaning

Most of the surfaces in the interior of the trailer can be cleaned using general household cleaners. That means glass cleaners, disinfectants, surface cleaners, etc. are all viable options. Be sure to clean thoroughly between rentals.

The outside of the trailer may have tar or grease marks/stains. For best results, use mineral spirits to wash away any unwanted marks. Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection when working with mineral spirits.

Clean your tank with a high-pressure washer. The pressure will ensure that any grime or sludge doesn’t get left behind, taking up space in the tank. Don’t worry; the high-pressure sprayer won’t harm the interior of the tank.

Between Rentals

When a restroom trailer isn’t in use, it’s an optimal time to perform necessary maintenance steps to ensure a safe and clean subsequent rental experience. In between rentals is where you can extend a trailer’s lifespan and prevent any unsanitary spaces or unwanted odors. Before you even transport your restroom trailer from the site, you need to pump all the waste and remove any freshwater. Once you have transported the trailer back to your site, it’s time to get to work.

Sanitary Restroom Trailers interiors are elegant as well as functional.

As mentioned, you can clean the interior of the unit or trailer with household cleaners just like your bathroom at home. All you need are cleaners, towels, broom, and a mop. There are typically a lot more surfaces in a restroom trailer than a classic porta potty. So, be diligent about cleaning every surface. Doing so will make your restroom trailer easier to maintain in the long run.

One of the most crucial maintenance steps for your portable restroom trailers is the cleaning and preparation of your waste tank for storage. Depending on which trailer you have, the maintenance steps may vary. Always level your trailer before cleaning out the tank if you want proper drainage. For our Satellite Suite trailers, flush the tank with freshwater. Most tanks have a port where you can insert a pressure washer to spray the tank.

Once you have cleaned out the tank thoroughly, leave a bit of freshwater in the tank (about 1″). Next, we would recommend adding Safe-T-Fresh™ Quickscents™ packets to each directly through each toilet. There are quite a few packets in the Quickscents™ line, some of which may work better than others for your needs. Either way, find a solution that breaks down solids so that the source of any odors is eliminated.

Once you have finished cleaning the interior and the tank, you’ll want to start putting water back into the toilets and urinals. Make sure that all doors are locked and sealed. Doing so will prevent precipitation or pests from getting into the trailer. If the weather is decent, you can leave any vents open on the trailer. Turn off all breakers and level off any steps or rails. Now your trailer is clean, safe, and ready for its next use.

A Safe Trailer Is A Better Restroom Trailer

Maintaining your trailers not only keeps them looking great but also keeps them safe. Restrooms can be a playground for bacteria. Taking the time and care in between rentals to maintain your restroom trailers ensures the safety of its users. It also gives it a longer lifespan, which makes your investment far better.

Are you looking to upgrade or add to your portable restroom fleet? Our Satellite Suite restroom trailers come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Contact us today if you would like to talk to a representative to learn more.

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