Whisk Care® FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer

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Liquid Deodorizers

Whisk Care® is a new FDA approved bulk hand sanitizer. This liquid contains 60% ethyl alcohol, an effective germicide that evaporates leaving hands sanitized and feeling fresh. With a balanced formula to kill bacteria yet gentle to the skin, Whisk Care® is an ideal solution to refill empty dispenser containers and keep your portable sanitation equipment in the field stocked with a high-quality sanitizer. Available in 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes.

Whisk Care® can be used in and around food processing areas, health care and hospital facilities, and any location requiring a waterless sanitizing solution. When applied onto the hands and gently rubbed over the skin, it greatly reduces the number of microorganisms that cause infection and illness including, but not limited to, the flu and COVID-19.

Liquid Deodorizers

800ml Refill Cartridge

Throw out your bags! Safe-T-Fresh's new 800ml Refill Cartridge is a game changer. Constructed with durable, high quality plastic, Safe-T-Fresh's 800ml catridge is a long-lasting solution to the traditional bag. Designed to fit most 800ml dispensers on the market with an easy to fill cap makes this a flexible, operator friendly solution.

  • Can be used with multiple forms of soaps and sanitizers - liquid sanitizer, gel sanitizer, liquid soap, lotion soap.
  • Fast and easy to refill.
  • Long lasting, high quality solution to the traditional bag that is typically disposed of during service once empty - Less waste!
  • Fits in most 800ml dispensers on the market.

Liquid Deodorizers

GoatThroat Pump

Constructed of 100% non-reactive polypropylene, GoatThroat pumps are engineered for maximum safety and durability and designed to handle almost any liquid.

GoatThroat pumps work by pressurizing a container to dispense liquids. Installs in seconds to quickly move between containers. Siphon tubes are adjustable from 12 to 36 inches and the pump can be used on containers with either externally or internally threaded neck openings allowing it to fit most containers.


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  • Intended to reduce bacteria that potentially can cause disease
  • For use when soap and water are not available
  • Contains 60% Ethyl alcohol, for use on skin
  • Ethyl alcohol has shown to kill or prevent the growth of bacteria on skin
  • Bulk solution can used to refill empty soap/sanitizer bags
  • Note: for shipping, this product is considered hazmat.


  • Pressurize container in a few strokes of the plunger
  • Adjustable flow rate up to 4.5 gallons per minute
  • One-touch flow control dispenses liquids at a controlled rate

Refill Size

  • 55 Gallon Drum
  • 275 Gallon Drum

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