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Keep your customers safe with Safe-T-Fresh's Chlorine Tablets. One 1-gram tablet per 20 gallons of water will keep your handwash units freshwater tanks clean and bacteria free. Effective in killing bacteria's like e-coli and salmonella in standing water. This do-it-yourself cleaning method is a no brainer, it will keep your customers hands safe and clean.

Chlorine tablets can be used to sanitize water and at higher doses, disinfect the water tank. They can be used in any water tank used to store water for hand washing.

How To Use
Place tablet or tablets in freshwater holding tank. 1-gram tablet per 20 gallons will give you a safe ratio providing approximately 2.5 parts per million (ppm) of residual chlorine. This level should kill any e-coli and salmonella that may be in the water.

How To Sanitize Holding Tank
Put dry chlorinating tablets containing 70% calcium hypochlorite in the tank and add water until nearly full. Tanks used to transport hand wash water should be regularly sanitized using a solution of water and chlorine with 20 ppm of residual chlorine in clean potable water.

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  • Kills bacteria in freshwater tanks.
  • Leaves tank looking and smelling, clean and fresh.
  • 2.5 ppm for safe clean handwash water.
  • 20 ppm for sterilzation of freshwater tank.
  • Hazmat shipping restrictions apply to this product.
  • *Not recommended for steel, stainless steel or aluminum tanks.

Sizes Available
  • Jug (2,270 1-gram tablets)

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