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Paper Towel Overview

A NEW combination paper towel dispenser that has the most versatility of its kind in the industry. Provide the convenience of paper towels when using handwash units in a sanitary system or portable toilet and maintain the flexibility to choose the type of towel used.

  • Dispenses singlefold, multifold and C fold with a single dispenser
  • Easy to switch from one type to another
  • Easy pull to work with wet hands
  • Durable ABS material
  • Matte finish to hide scratches
  • Metal latch
  • Key lock
  • Screw and locknut assemblyScrew and locknut assembly
  • Six slotted mounting holes for easy mounting
  • Black color to maintain a high quality appearance

Paper Towel Specifications

  • Height: 15.56"
  • Width: 11.6"
  • Depth: 6.7"
  • Capacity: 400 C-fold or multifold or 750 singlefold
  • Color: Black

Shelves Overview

These shelves fit neatly into the corner without cluttering the interior, and are large enough for a purse or small bag. A great way to enhance rental revenue, a shelf is an improvement in user convenience.

  • Multi-purpose Shelf available for Tufway, Liberty, and Freedom installations
  • Maxim 3000 Shelf designed for a custom fit

Mirrors Overview

An unbreakable, polished stainless steel vanity mirror is easily mounted and adds a touch of class to any unit.

Gender Indicators Overview

Gender-specific plaques help you distinguish your units and appeal to specific market segments.

Solar Light Kit Overview

Easy-to-install solar light uses a high capacity lithium ion battery that maintains its same brightness all night long. When fully charged, it can remain lit for up to 80 hours and comes with a safety circuit which shuts off the light when the battery has 15% charge. This feature protects the battery from premature failure. The light is also easy to install. Simply drill a single hole in the roof and attach as directed.

In addition, the light is waterproof, even when sprayed by a pressure washer and the connections are hardwired or soldered rather than attached using wire nuts.

This product comes with a 24 month warranty.

Call for more information: 1-888-556-4067