Turbo Hand Flush

Available as a turbo hand flush kit (to retrofit an existing tank) or as part of a new unit configuration. The turbo hand flush kit features a bowl, hand pump and hoses.

Hand Pump Features

  • Positioned on tank for simple user operation
  • Easy access to pump for operator repair at job sites
  • Fully sealed, heavy duty rubber encasement of pump
  • Does not require base modification to install

Foot Pump Features

  • Hands free user operation
  • Discreet positioning of pump in the unit
  • Fully sealed, heavy duty rubber encasement of pump

Turbo Flush Bowl Features

  • Integral, stylish bowl and tank assembly
  • Waste is well hidden from view (rear exit in bowl)
  • Crack resistant plastic, made of high density polyethylene
  • Fresh flushing system (with turbo foot flush base)
  • Three types of bowls – plastic (std), stainless and flapper bowls are optional.

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