ROI Rewards are coming to an End!
The ROI Rewards program is coming to an end, but your rewards don’t have to. ROI points can transfer to the new rewards program PRO PERKS, or you can redeem your current ROI points through 2020.

Reference Sheet: ROI rewards.
Parts: You can now use your ROI points to purchase parts. 240 points = $10 towards parts.



Here’s how PROPERKS works
Now, you can earn points on EVERYTHING you purchase from Satellite|PolyPortables, including trucks, trailers, restrooms and accessories. Use your points to take a trip, buy name brand merchandise or go to an event. If you prefer to use your points for Satellite|PolyPortable products, you can do that as well!

Click here for more information on PRO PERKS

Call for more information: 1-800-883-1123