ROI Program
Safe-T-Fresh offers the industries first and most comprehensive customer loyalty program, ROI Rewards, that turns your deodorizer purchases into points that can be redeemed for restrooms, trucks, deodorizers, and parts.

Here’s how it works
For every dollar you spend on Safe-T-Fresh deodorizers your Deodorizer ROI account will be credited 1 point. As a bonus, 1500 points will be awarded for a first time deodorizer purchase.

When you’re an ROI Rewards Member, every purchase of a Safe-T-Fresh product earns points you can redeem for free restrooms, handwash stations, holding tanks and even parts for Satellite products.

So far, operators have redeemed their points for over $700,000 in free products! And the rewards don’t end there because all these products continue to earn money over the life of the product (see example below). But, these rewards only come to those with an eye for a great deal. If that’s you, make sure your next order is with Safe-T-Fresh and begin turning your deodorizer expenses into added profits.

With the ROI Program you will quickly earn FREE restrooms just by doing what you always do – buy deodorizers. Best of all, you are buying Safe-T-Fresh deodorizers, products you can trust from a company who has been in the portable restroom business for over 50 years.

As you accumulate points, you can select from any of these products:

3,000 points

  • Handistand


4,000 points

  • Slimmate Handwash
  • Maxim 3000 Handwash


5,000 points

  • Agwash


12,000 points

  • Maxim 3000, Tufway, Taurus, Global
  • Breeze, Wave
  • Holding tank


30,000 points

  • Liberty
  • Maxim 3000 (fully loaded)
  • Highrise (without roof)
  • Global 1.5


42,000 points

  • Freedom (ADA)
  • High Tech II
  • Highrise (with roof and lift kit)


Parts: You can now use your ROI points to purchase parts. 240 points = $10 towards parts.

Example: The total return on a free restroom that remains in service for 10 years is $11,400. That number is based on the value of the restroom ($600), plus the revenue earned through rentals during that 10 year period ($90/month, 12 months/year, for 10 years, equals $10,800). If you earn one restroom per year in the ROI Program, at the end of 10 years the return is $65,400.

Reference Sheet: ROI rewards.

Call for more information: 1-800-883-1123