Training Program

Satellite offers a two day training seminar at the beginning of both the Pumper Show (spring) and PSAI Convention (fall) each year. This two day training session costs $555 per company, of which $250 is given back in the form of a certificate that can be applied to the purchase of any Satellite product. Any number of company employees may attend.

The seminar is a composite of practical information about methods and procedures used by many leading portable restroom companies. For those unfamiliar with the history of Satellite, prior to 1988 Satellite was the world’s largest portable restroom company with a fleet of 20,000 restrooms. The service side of the business was sold so the company could focus on manufacturing restrooms and supplies to other operators. It is with this perspective that the materials have been prepared.

Topics covered will include daily service procedures, tracking and reporting, advertising and marketing, using deodorizers properly and an overview of trucks and proper maintenance (dependent on availability of Satellite truck manager).

To pre-register or for additional information please contact April Peabody at


PSAI Convention:

Call for more information: 1-888-556-4067