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8x28' 8-Door, 8-Station Overview

Satellite Suites has created a beautiful 28-foot, eight-door, 8-station trailer for high traffic events and maximum privacy. This trailer gives each user independent access to a private bathroom.

As with every Satellite Suites trailer it is designed to provide long-lasting service by preventing water damage, mold, mildew or lingering tank odors which reduce the appeal and profitability of your trailer.

Water protection and odor control is provided by a patented roof made with Over Armor ™, using seamless materials for the interior and exterior walls and floor surface, and installing a polyethylene tank with bottom sump and side wash port. Together, these features create a water-tight trailer and odor-free tank when cleaned properly.

Satellite Suites is aware of the large investment operators make when purchasing a trailer and is committed to customer satisfaction. It begins with using superior materials and craftsmanship and continues with outstanding customer service. Please use this site to learn more about the features that make Satellite Suites’ trailers unique.

8x28' 8-Door, 8-Station Specifications

  • No. of Stations: 8
  • Length | w/Tongue: 28' | 33'
  • Width | w/Steps Down: 8'6" | 12'6"
  • Height w/AC: 11'8"
  • Freshwater: 200 gal
  • Wastewater: 1150 gal
  • Weight: 11,450 lbs
  • Axle: (2) 7,000 lb Torsion
  • Wheels: 16" Aluminum
  • Tires: 5 year warranty | 2 Year Roadside Assistance

Call for more information: 1-800-883-1123