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Satellite Industries provides you with a wide range of portable restroom truck tanks to allow you to exercise choice depending on the size of your business and other requirements. At Satellite Industries, we understand that each business or event is unique. We, therefore, design each of our products to suit your exceptional needs. Simply define your business needs and pick either a Carbon Steel MD Series, Aluminum Mal Series, Stainless Steel SS Series, or Pick-up & Delivery. However, you are not limited to the three main series since we also have custom tanks to fit your truck chassis. Here are our main products:

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Carbon Steel MD Series

The Carbon Steel MD Series is made from high-strength carbon steel and is one of our most popular tanks. The tanks offer you durability and affordability wrapped in one purchase. If you are thinking of vacuum trucks, here are the specific features that make our MD series the best option for your organization:

  • The tanks are made of high-strength carbon steel, which guarantees quality and durability.
  • To protect and extend the useful life of the tanks, they are powder coated and sealed with a bed liner that extends halfway up the tank.
  • The coating and the stainless steel on the working area reduce corrosion and make them easy to clean.
  • Above all, we give you all these benefits at the most affordable prices.

We also give our customers a wide range of selections. You can go for an MD 950, 1250, or 1600-gallon tank. Although the sizes are set after years of research in the portable restroom industry, we also provide custom-made tanks to meet your requirements.

  • The MD 950 comes either in a Ford F-550 or a Dodge Ram 5500
  • You can get the MD 1250 or MD 1600 tank on the Ford F-750 or the Hino 268
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Aluminum Mal Series

Our Aluminum Mal Series (MAL 700PD to MAL 2150) comes with a twin compartment tank, allowing you to store both freshwater and wastewater. The tanks weigh significantly less than their competitors, which makes it possible to place a 1300-gallon tank on the Ford F-550 and Ram 5500 chassis without exceeding the weight capacity of the truck. Here are the major features of the Mal Series;

  • The tank weighs much less, which means it will reduce the wear and tear on your truck.
  • The MAL 700PD has a flatbed behind it, which allows placement of up to four units. MAL 700PD works best for events with more than two portable restrooms.
  • Our larger units come with two unit haulers and a trailer hitch mount to use when you are serving a bigger event.
  • Each Aluminum Mal Series built by Satellite Industries comes with internal baffles that prevent the fluids from sloshing when the tank is not full. The internal baffles maintain the truck's balance when on transit or stopping. Your driver also maneuvers easily through your event site when working on the restrooms.
  • Our trucks come with a 1/8" aluminum work area and cabinets that are easy to clean and corrosion-resistant.
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Stainless Steel SS Series

The Stainless Steel SS series is the most durable Satellite vacuum truck tank. You can choose from our three standard sizes, which include 950, 1300, and 1600 gallon tanks. We also allow you to request a custom size depending on your preferences. The brushed stainless steel tanks cost more than the aluminum and carbon steel tanks but are slightly more expensive. However, you would prefer them over their counterparts if you want to keep your truck longer in service. Here are the special features of the SS series:

  • Satellite Industries stainless steel SS series tanks come with a stainless steel workstation and hose tray. The stainless steel SS series also has two stainless steel cabinets and a lowered workstation on the larger trucks.
  • To prevent sloshing of the liquid content, the tank comes with internal baffles. The internal baffles balance the liquid content, which gives your driver confidence when negotiating bends or stopping the truck.
  • The SS series lasts longer than all the other tanks. If you want to combine quality and durability, go for the SS series.
  • The stainless steel SS Series is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. The tank can retain its brushed stainless steel appearance throughout its lifetime.
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Pick-Up & Delivery P&D Series

If you’re looking for a truck with that CAN-DO Attitude, Satellite Vacuum Trucks has a line of P&D trucks custom built just for you! Versatility is what the P&D line-up is all about. Each truck allows you to haul more units and pull a trailer, while having the tank capacity to service your daily route. If you’re only going to have one truck, make it a P&D truck.

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Call Satellite Industries for Your Portable Toilet Vacuum Trucks

Portable restrooms provide privacy and dignity for patrons, congregations, or any group of people attending your outdoor activities. However, portable restrooms cannot work alone. You require a means of cleaning, emptying, and transporting the waste from the restrooms only provided by portable toilet vacuum trucks. The portable restroom service trucks help prevent air or water pollution by providing an efficient method of waste control.

The restroom trucks and their tanks are a significant investment for any business offering portable restroom services. Like other capital investments, business organizations should consider the quality and cost of the tanks when assessing return on investment. Look for high-quality, durable, and affordable tanks to make your investment viable. After years of research in the portable restroom industry, Satellite Industries has come up with the following tanks to help you exercise your choice.

The Carbon Steel MD Series is ideal for businesses looking for quality and affordability, while the Aluminum Mal Series works well for those looking for lighter tanks. The Stainless Steel SS Series, on the other hand, is a perfect solution for businesses looking for long-lasting tanks. If you're interested in buying a portable toilet vacuum truck, contact our sales department for more information.

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