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Vacuum Trucks

P&D 700

Satellite Vacuum Trucks offers the perfect P&D truck for pulling trailers. Our short-chassis P&D 700 is ideal for positioning trailers quickly. Its tight turning radius and ergonomic design allows for clear view of the trailer while backing up. Making it easy to spot obstacles that can be obstructed when towing behind standard service trucks.

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P&D 1150

Satellite Vacuum Truck’s newest addition to the Pick-up & Delivery line is the P&D 1150. The P&D 1150 is unique to the line because it is equipped with a separate flat fresh tank below the truck bed along with the large waste tank behind the cab. This combination allows for a maximized hauling capacity and a longer daily route. Slap on the optional passenger side workstation and you’ll have the perfect universal P&D truck.

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P&D 900

If you’re looking for a truck with that CAN-DO Attitude, Satellite Vacuum Trucks has a line of P&D trucks custom built just for you! Versatility is what the P&D line-up is all about. Each truck allows you to haul more units and pull a trailer, while having the tank capacity to service your daily route. If you’re only going to have one truck, make it a P&D truck.

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995 Flat Vac

The MD995 Flat Vac is for those who want added capacity for hauling restrooms. With space for eight standard units, and designed with a 695-gallon waste and 300-gallon fresh water tank, this truck makes quick work of daily routes. It’s ergonomic features, like the lowered service area and easy-to-reach stainless-steel cabinets, also increase driver efficiency and lower fatigue throughout the day.

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Call Satellite Industries for Your Portable Toilet Vacuum Trucks

Portable restrooms provide privacy and dignity for patrons, congregations, or any group of people attending your outdoor activities. However, portable restrooms cannot work alone. You require a means of cleaning, emptying, and transporting the restrooms only provided by Satellite Vacuum Trucks products.

The restroom trucks and their tanks are a significant investment for any business offering portable restroom services. Like other capital investments, business organizations should consider the quality and cost of the tanks when assessing return on investment. Look for high-quality, durable, and affordable tanks to make your investment viable. After years of research in the portable restroom industry, Satellite Industries has come up with the following tanks to help you exercise your choice.

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