Fresh Tank

350 gal

Waste Tank

800 gal


19,500 lbs


Satellite Vacuum Truck’s newest addition to the Pick-up & Delivery line is the P&D 800. The P&D 800 is unique to the line because it is equipped with a separate flat fresh tank below the truck bed along with the large waste tank behind the cab. This combination allows for a maximized hauling capacity and a longer daily route. Slap on the optional passenger side workstation and you’ll have the perfect universal P&D truck.


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Fresh Water Tank

A flat 350 gallon fresh water tank is added underneath the truck bed to maximize every inch without reducing bed length.

Dual Side Service*

Upon request an additional workstation will be mounted to the passenger side. This passenger workstation will increase productivity and reduce stress by removing the need to maneuver the truck around pesky obstacles.

*Optional feature


Your choice of a solid or grated lift-gate, solid lift-gates come in aluminum or steel.

Call for more information: 1-800-883-1123