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Made from high strength carbon steel the MD 400 is affordable and easy to maintain with a long life expectancy. The MD 400 is suitable for 1 Ton chassis with 8ft beds and has the capability to be mounted on a pickup bed or flatbed. All MD slide-in tanks are powder coated to help ensure the longevity of the tank and eliminate corrosion. Option for Coated Fresh water tank(recommended).

SVT makes the MD slide-in in a 300, 400, 450, 550,and 650 gallon tank with custom sizes available too. With the ability to bolt onto any truck bed these tanks are highly versatile making them a necessity for any fleet.


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Sight Glasses

Quickly glance at the sight glasses to view how much volume remains in your waste water tank.

30' Hose

A 30 foot hose is installed on each slide-in, allowing the pumper to easily reach any unit in the field.


No need to wait weeks for a new unit to be assembled. As soon as the slide-in arrives it is ready to be installed and hit the ground running.

Call for more information: 1-800-883-1123