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Satellite’s Vacuum Technology Division stands for Smart Sustainable Sanitary Solutions for large groups of users. Its modular design makes it a breeze to transport, quick and easy to set up, and simple to operate and maintain! Here are our main vacuum systems:

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Tech Module

The heart of the Satellite’s Vacuum Technology Division is the Vacuum Tech Module. All Satellite Sanitrax modules are linked together via hoses to the central tech module that can be located away from the toilets and ancillary modules. After vacuuming all waste to the central tech module, the pump macerates all the waste and then pumps it to a sanitary sewer or holding tank that can be located up to 100 feet away. This creates an atmosphere of comfort and safety because there is never a smelly service truck in front of the modules.

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The Jets™ NOMAD System

The new JETS™ NOMAD handles the entire infrastructure of water and wastewater throughout the event site. From a category 5 water supply system to the discharge point, the Nomad system covers all your needs when it comes to temporary infrastructure. This scalable system may be connected to any type of trailer, container or pod solution utilizing CVS™ toilets.

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Jets™ Rover

A lightweight, field-ready vacuum station to quickly create a sanitary infrastructure in remote areas. Jets™ Rover is the ideal plug & play unit for everything from smaller events and glamping sites to emergency and response operations. This unit has the same heart as any Jets' system: the high-performance Vacuumarator™ pump.

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Learn how Satellite’s Vacuum Modules can help your team provide safe, clean, sanitary relief to campsites, construction sites, military camps and temporary sites for the reception of refugees.

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