“Most people would probably agree that improving people’s lives and preserving the environment are very worthy goals. If both of these objectives can be achieved at once, it’s even better. That’s exactly the value proposition we offer in the portable restroom industry.”

- Todd Hilde CEO, © Satellite Industries, 2012

Satellite Industries

six divisions

Why Satellite Industries?

Satellite Industries is one of the leading innovators in the portable sanitation industry. For over 50 years Satellite has been advance engineering their portable restrooms, restroom trailers, trucks, and deodorizers to be stronger, last longer, and most importantly, be user friendly.

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Why Safe-T-Fresh?

Safe-T-Fresh has recently released a new line of advanced engineered deodorizers that last longer, smell better, and mask the color of the grey water with its deep blue dye. Safe-T-Fresh’s chemist has taken advanced engineering to a new level. Our deodorizers don't just mask the smell. They bond with the malodor making it completely encapsulated leaving the restroom smelling fresh after every use.

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Why TruckXpress?

A work truck should be designed for ease-of-use, and that is the thought process behind every truck that comes off the TruckXpress line. Our team of well trained mechanics build trucks so they create less wear and tear on operators. Specifically placed tools, and cabinets help decrease the amount of time each operator has to spend servicing the restroom. Which puts more money back in your pocket!

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Why Satellite Suites?

Satellite Suites was introduced by Satellite Industries in 2014. Since its introduction to the portable restroom trailer industry Satellite Suites has become the leading trailer on the market. The many advantages of a Satellite Suites trailer can only be appreciated by comparing our models with the competition - item by item, feature by feature. The use of none wood materials in building the structure eliminates the chance of structural rot and our polyethylene waste tank is easier to clean, upkeep and simply lasts longer.

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Why VacuumXpress?

VacuumXpress is new to the Satellite family. Since our TruckXpress division has grown so much over the past 50 years and more of our trucks are being used in the vacuum industry for more than just servicing restrooms and septic tanks VacuumXpress was born. VacuumXpress builds trucks and trailers that service septic, grease traps, rendering, oil field and slurry/wash pits.

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Why PolyPortables?

PolyPortables is new to the Satellite family. Like Satellite, PolyPortables has been a leading manufacturer of portable restrooms, hand-wash stations, deodorizers and accessories since 1972. It’s PolyPortables goal to manufacture a line of portable restrooms, hand wash stations, deodorizers and accessories that give their customers a competitive edge in the market.

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"Ideate, Design, Test, & Refine will always bring the best products to the line."

- © Satellite Industries, 2017

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