Engineering our Standard Lineup Part 2

Continuously Improving our Standard Lineup of Restrooms

Satellite Industries was founded in 1958 by Al Hilde, who built the first wooden prototype portable toilet. Years later, in 1972, the company introduced the polyethylene Tufway portable restroom, which is still manufactured today. Over the years, Satellite Industries has grown through innovation and strategic business expansion. Deep industry knowledge and decades of experience has informed improvements to the Tufway and the restroom lines we’ve acquired, making them less expensive, stronger, and more user-friendly. This article will first cover how the original Tufway line has evolved since the 1970s, and second, how Satellite has improved on the Global, Axxis, Aspen, and Maxim 3000 so they stand strong among our Standard Lineup of portable restrooms.


The Tufway is the world’s most popular restroom because it is easy to use and requires little maintenance. From its humble beginning, the Tufway has evolved from its original wood construction to become a far more durable and user-friendly unit. Over the years, improvements have been made, such as upgrading to high-density polyethylene, a material that resists impacts and harsh conditions without cracking or denting and creating space for a more comfortable interior. Additionally, a host of improvements were made, such as implementing standardization of colors, adding a front-sloping tank top for easier cleaning and odor reduction, adding a sumped tank and increasing it to 70 gallons, molded-in vent screens, and using unbreakable corner construction.

More recently, the Tufway has been given a new door design and standardized components like the base, urinal, tank, vent pipe, and toilet paper dispenser—all of which have improved the overall design and functionality. Now that you know how our flagship portable restroom has evolved and improved over the years, thanks to continuous innovation, let’s go over the advances and improvements we have made to our newer lines of portable restrooms.


Satellite’s Global restroom has leaped to the top of the industry, becoming a staple cost-effective restroom for operators. The clean, rigid design of the Global makes it great for events or construction sites. Satellite Industries acquired the Global portable restroom from Hampel Corp, a US company, in 2009. Since then, the Global has undergone several upgrades. Notable improvements include blow-molded front panels for increased strength, heavier plastic components such as the urinal, and 3-roll paper guard, a 10% larger tank with sloped sides, and no ledges to trap waste.

We didn’t stop there; further improvements were made for better usability, such as a redesigned urinal that reduces splashing and drains directly into the vent pipe to minimize odors, an elevated vent pipe for improved odor reduction, and a 12% greater wall thickness for strength. In addition, to improve design and functionality, we added maintenance-free molded-in vent screens, heavy-duty corner molding with deeper hand grips for better handling and maneuverability, and standardization of various components, allowing for faster manufacturing and less expensive replacement costs. All of these improvements combine to make the Global a much-improved unit that we are proud to offer our customers.


The Axxis restroom is a significant innovation to our line of portable restrooms and the portable sanitation industry. When Satellite Industries acquired PolyPortables in 2018, it gained the Axxis restroom and took the opportunity to enhance its design. For starters, the Axxis line now boasts a re-engineered door frame of blow-molded construction, and a smoother panel texture for better decal adherence and easier cleaning. To make the unit more user-friendly, we added a larger hover handle, a heavy-duty rotary latch, and molded-in vent screens for better air circulation.

For enhanced operator functionality, a blow-molded tank with increased wall thickness for enhanced rigidity was added along with multiple strapping recesses. Top it off with unbreakable corner construction, which ensures durability and longevity. These enhancements make the Axxis an end-user dream and operator’s best friend.


The Aspen is ideal for special events yet tough enough to handle any job. In 2020, Satellite Industries purchased all of Five Peaks assets and started to manufacture their popular Aspen model. With the goal of maintaining the same aesthetic while improving durability, Satellite completely redesigned the Aspen in 2021. For enhanced strength and cleanliness, we updated the Aspen to feature a durable roof with increased weight capacity and tiedown guides, softened the panel features for reduced buildup and easier cleaning, and added a rugged, large-capacity drop tank with sloping lines to keep the tank top dry and clean.

To lengthen the life of the unit we added two door spring closures hidden within the door, unbreakable corner construction and standardized key components. And finally, for better usability, we added a large splash-resistant Rocket urinal, a large hover handle, a hands-free latch, and molded in-vent screens to enhance privacy. As you can see, Satellite’s engineering team left no stone unturned when redesigning the Aspen

Maxim 3000

The Maxim 3000 builds upon the original Maxim and later the Maxim 2000 to feature design enhancements that offer next-level innovations. The Maxim 3000 has smoother walls for a better appearance and improved cleanliness, deeper corner hand holds for operator ease of use, and a lower center of gravity for easier positioning. In addition, we improved the unit’s strength by adding a third door hinge, using interlocking corner knuckles instead of rivets, and implementing a standardized base for improved wall/base alignment. For a better user experience, the Maxim 3000 features a seat angled away from the urinal, hover handle, ergonomic leg cutouts, a redesigned roof that increases the ambient light, a door mirror, a hanging hook, and a universal shelf. These innovations make the Maxim 3000 a testament to the commitment of continuous improvement.

At Satellite Industries, we strive to provide the best user experience for our PRO customers and end-users. Our engineers meticulously consider every design detail to ensure our standard restrooms are unmatched in the industry. In addition, we are committed to continuous improvement, making our restrooms more efficient, durable, and user-friendly. With our attention to detail and drive for innovation, Satellite Industries continues to be the leader in the portable restroom industry.

In our next article, we will get to know our product developers and design engineers and learn about their industry journey and how they became part of Satellite. Stay tuned! If you want to read the first article in this series, click here.

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