Satellite Introduction Lunch and Learn

Employee Luncheon and Satellite Introduction Day

It was a busy week at Satellite|PolyPortables but in the best way possible. It’s the start of the busy season, and that can be pretty challenging, even under normal day-to-day circumstances. Now, with Satellite Industries acquiring PolyPortables, there are a new set of projects and plans to add to the mix. For some, it would be pretty easy to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately for us, the entire PolyPortables crew are some of the most level-headed, hard-working people in the sanitation industry. The Satellite introduction was a huge success and all of our employees see great potential for the future of our two companies.

Today, we had two employee events wrapped into one:

  1. our first quarter review and luncheon
  2. the official introduction of Todd Hilde, John Babcock, and the Satellite Industries family

Satellite introduction of Todd Hilde and John Babcock

Lunch with Our Employees

Sometimes we all bring in foods and have a family style meal, sometimes we cook on site, but today we brought in a local treat for all of our employees – the Dawsonville Pool Room mobile restaurant! This local establishment is a real staple in North Georgia and was made famous by NASCAR legend Bill Elliott.

Company Announcement | Satellite Introduction

At PolyPortables, we know the value of sharing our successes and areas for improvement with our team. We can’t operate efficiently or benefit our customers without being on the same page. That’s way after lunch at each of our annual reviews, we go over the high and low points of the Quarter! This year, we’re happy to report ZERO employee accidents for over a year, and a benchmark year in getting our customer shipments out by promise date.

Henry Davis and Eric Capers always do a great job of informing the team and making sure each employee knows the value of their role with us.

The Satellite introduction from Eric and Henry

Employee Rewards

Another big part of the company culture is making sure we reward our staff for their excellence. This year we came up with a special idea to incentivize a high standard of attendance, safety, and teamwork – the employee Wheel of Fortune.

We want to say a huge Thank You to everyone at PolyPortables for making our new combined company great, and a special warm welcome to Todd and John, for bringing us into the Satellite Family.

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