Engineering our Standard Lineup

Engineering our Standard Lineup of Restrooms

Designing Portable Restrooms That Last

At Satellite Industries, we take great pride in the engineering achievements behind our standard portable restroom lineup. In this article, we will highlight the strengths of our structural designs and the decisions made by our engineers to ensure durability and superior performance. Discover the many innovations our engineers have achieved, coupled with our commitment to our customers and addressing your feedback.

Flexible Panels – Durability and Practicality

Our engineers have revolutionized the industry with their innovative approach to designing flexible panels for our restrooms. These panels have demonstrated unparalleled performance over time, surpassing restrooms constructed with heavier, rigid materials like fiberglass or stiff plastics. The remarkable flexibility of our panels allows them to endure significant punishment, whether it be accidental falls from trucks or encounters with forklift mishaps. They have also outperformed rigid materials in icy conditions, where brittleness and cracking often become issues. Furthermore, our panels’ lightweight nature enhances their durability and makes placing our portable restrooms easier for operators.

Solid One-Piece Impact Base – Consistency and Strength

Satellite Industries employs an injection-molded impact base across our standard lineup. This design choice minimizes the possibility of dimensional variations from base to base, and allows customers to replace the floor cover and the bottom of the runners should they be damaged.  The result is a restroom that exhibits consistent measurements throughout, ensuring good looks and impeccable structural integrity. This feature, along with the option of a solid or grated top, adds versatility and convenience for our customers. Obviously, no base is indestructible, but it is essential to highlight the remarkable dimensional soundness, extended lifespan, and versatility provided by our impact base.

Manufacturing Costs – Delivering Quality and Affordability

Our unwavering commitment to structural integrity is deeply ingrained in our manufacturing process. Our engineers continuously explore avenues for process improvement, enhancing product strength, and accelerating production. As a result, Satellite Industries stands apart from the notion that inexpensive manufacturing compromises product quality. By incorporating flexible paneling and injection-molded plastics, we have achieved significant advancements in both strength and cost-effectiveness. These engineering innovations allow us to deliver top-notch quality while passing on cost savings to our valued customers, helping them to be more profitable.

Unit Maintenance – Commitment to Efficiency

Our engineers have minimized the number of parts in our restrooms, prioritizing operator efficiency and ease of cleaning. By reducing the overall amount of components, we have successfully eliminated tiny crevices where dirt and grime could accumulate, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. In addition, every decision made during the design process is carefully thought out with the operator in mind, considering their best use of time. By emphasizing simplicity in our design, we empower our operators to deliver exceptional service effortlessly, boosting their productivity and ensuring customer satisfaction.

To Conclude

Satellite Industries stands firmly behind the design decisions made by our engineers, which have propelled our standard line of restrooms to be recognized as the best in the world. Our unwavering commitment to improvement is evident in the countless hours dedicated to research, development, and rigorous testing. From comprehensive computerized material strength analysis to subjecting our units to mechanical door slam tests over 150,000 times, we spare no effort to ensure our products surpass expectations. You can read our complete product development process and testing list here.

Don’t miss our next article, which reveals the structural design improvements we’ve made over the years to our original Tufway and innovations to our acquired models, so they stand strong in the Satellite standard restroom lineup. Stay tuned!

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