How Vacuum Technology is Changing the Portable Sanitation Industry

There’s a lot you can say about the evolution of vacuum technology, especially in recent years. But one thing that’s always been true is how versatile vacuum technology truly is. The idea of using a vacuum in different industries has been around since its discovery many centuries ago. However today, you can find vacuum technology and devices in many places you might have never considered before!

To give you a better idea of the practical applications of vacuum technology, we’re going to take a look at their role in the sanitation industry.

Practical Applications of Vacuum Technology

Industries using modern vacuum technology range from the metal and plastic fabrication industries, all the way to aerospace engineering. Some of the specific uses of vacuums are:

  • Metal Fabrication – Fabricators will use vacuums to suck out any excess gases that may make the raw alloy less pure. A vacuum will also help with the removal of trace elements from the metals that are to be combined. This adds strength, malleability, and ductility.
  • Plastics – During plastic molding and manufacturing, vacuums help shape plastic. Additionally, vacuum drying is used to increase production.
  • Oil and Gas – Vacuum technology is essential for dealing with harmful vapors that are a result of the refinement process. You can even find vacuum pumps in the refinement process of petroleum. 

This is just the tip of the ice-burg when it comes to understanding the full capacity of vacuums. Now, we’re going to take a deeper look at the sanitation industry.

Vacuum Technology in the Portable Sanitation Industry

you may think of restroom/septic trucks, slide-in modules, or Suites, when it comes to vacuums in the sanitation industry. But what about the restrooms?

We’re all familiar with foot pump and hand pump systems being installed in portable restrooms. Most of those reply on re-circulating systems and gravy to do the heavy lifting. These style pumps can be costly, easy to damage, and aren’t the most powerful.

In today’s world, public restroom users want an atmosphere of comfort and safety. Although many of us see it as necessary, restroom goers prefer an experience without a big service truck out front. At the very least, having higher-powered flushing would be preferred to using a hand or foot pump in a porta potty.

Many job sites that require portable restrooms want an easier way to get waste from the toilet bowl to the sewer. The solution is a contained vacuum system.

Satellite's new Vacuum Technology Division from Sanitrax

Satellites’ New Vacuum Technology Division

Fortunately, Satellite’s new Vacuum Technology Division from Sanitrax has developed these solutions. Satellite Sanitrax mobile vacuum toilet, sink, urinal, and Tech modules were designed to improve hygiene, enhance the user experience, reduce shipping costs, and provide a modular, sustainable solution for all mobile restroom needs.

The heart of this new technology is the vacuum pump system. All modules are linked via hoses to the central tech module that can be located away from the toilets and ancillary modules. After vacuuming all waste to the central tech module, the pump macerates all of the waste and then pumps it to a sanitary sewer or holding tank that can be located up to 200 meters away. 

The Tech module is equipped with vacuum pumps that run autonomously. Sensors measure the vacuum levels in the waste piping system of all connected toilets and Sanitrax designed electronics fully operate the system. The tech module replaces the old-fashioned pump truck which involved a lot of manual labor to empty the portapotties.

Besides transporting the wastewater away from the toilets, the tech module also is equipped with a professional water booster system which provides the connected toilets with fresh water to make them all flush nicely.

Why This Technology Matters?!

Of course, with any new technology comes a price. The sanitation industry, more than many others, is going through a lot of new changes. Constantly updated legislation on water and wastewater treatment, increase costs of fuel and driver labor as the hiring pool grows smaller, and growing standards for proper hygiene in the wake of COVID-19 are just a few examples of big changes happening in the past 2 years!

So how does vacuum technology help?

With a new vacuum system, your customers and guests will have the hygiene and comfort they deserve! Of course, we’re specifically excited about the Satellite Sanitrax mobile vacuum toilet, sink, urinal, and tech modules, but our point is the technology is emerging. You can service events, festivals, construction sites, military missions, and humanitarian aid operations, with lower overhead costs and without the use of restroom trucks, should the job allow. The potential savings are enormous.

One thing is certain, a new focus on customer experience and continuous improvement are in the air. By paying attention to vacuum technology trends, and slowly incorporating them into your current business, you’ll stay ahead of the curve and continue to grow long into the future.

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