Identify Your Customers

Identify Your Customers! Who’s Actually Renting Portable Restrooms?

Everyone… EVERYONE… has to go to the bathroom. It’s easy to imagine throngs of people, flocking to your business to rent portable restrooms. However, that’s typically not the case. You have to work tirelessly to find new (good) customers, who need your services. Whether it’s special events, weddings, sporting events, or construction sites, you have to Identify your customers.

In this blog, we’ll explore the best methods to identify your customers, create customer personas, and communicate with them.

Who are your current customers?

One important thing to research when trying to acquire new customers is your current market share.

Assessing your current customers and identifying the common characteristics they share is a great way to learn who else could be a potential customer. What they like about your company, how they heard about you (if they are new), and what they prefer about buying from you. The more you know about your current customers’ buying preferences, the better you’ll be able to target your marketing to prospects with similar needs.

Are you primarily servicing:

  • concerts
  • sporting events
  • private gatherings
  • construction sites

No matter the type of job(s) your company focuses on, ask yourself; Who was actually doing the “buying”? You already know the need of your customer, now it’s time to thoroughly investigate each category of customer you have.

What about your competition?

Keeping track of what the competition is doing is a great idea in more ways than one and it can help you identify your target audience too.  If your competitor’s marketing campaign is aimed at a specific customer segment, there is a good chance he has spotted a marketing opportunity there and that he is exploiting this.

Keep an eye on your closest competitors’ marketing campaigns, sales spiels, brochures, websites, and social media outreaches to understand their target customer base. Your research may turn up industry segments or names of specific customers you should be targetting.

Build a Persona

A buyer persona is simply a fictitious profile of your ideal customer or client. Using all the information you’ve gleaned above, you can create this profile and use it to inform all your marketing activities.

Some of the info you’ll use to create your personas includes basic demographics (age, gender, marital status, etc.), motivations, interests and hobbies, shopping habits, values, and goals. You most likely have this persona in mind. Now it’s time to get it written down and strategize how to reach them.

What Your Customers Need

“When you try to serve everyone, you end up serving no one.” You know your business inside and out. You know what works for you. Some business owners try adding new services and products to attract new customers. This strategy can work, but it’s important to remember what you’re good at.

By being “the best” at what you do, you can still acquire new customers. Stick to the basics of great customer service, knowing your current customer, and seeking out similar clients based on that criteria.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to marketing to new customers, Satellite is here to help. over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing a few great articles to help you expand your business reach.

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