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Managing Your Construction Site Sanitation Equipment

Although we’re approaching the end of “busy season”, construction sites aren’t showing signs of slowing down. Everywhere you look, you see new buildings, homes, neighborhoods, and construction projects popping up. There’s a lot of money left to be made this year!

With construction on the rise, you have to ask yourself, “do I have the equipment necessary to support taking on more work in this field”? The PROs in our industry realize that there are very specific challenges when it comes to dealing with portable restrooms on construction sites. From graffiti, heavy damage, extra dirt and grime, and service times, you have a lot to deal with. But if you can get through these challenges, you can increase sales and your business will grow!

Equipment for Construction Site Contracts

Common Construction Site Issues

Dusty Construction SiteOne of the big problems we see our customers deal with is the construction site itself. Dust and dirt are everywhere, sinks and restrooms get moved around (and often), job site equipment is all over the place, blocking service trucks from cleaning restrooms, just to name a few.

Use a combination of solutions to these common issues. 1 – Use the right equipment to make the jobs a little easier on yourself and your employees. 2 – Keep good relationships and open lines of communication with the contractor.

We may write a future blog on becoming a better communicator, but for now, we’ll stick to the equipment.

Common Problems:

Graffiti at Construction Sites

  1. Construction sites are typically dusty. Any portable restroom that you have on site is going to get absolutely covered with dirt, inside and out. This leads to slower service times, due to heavy cleaning.
  2. Sometimes restrooms and sinks have to move as the construction site develops. For example, moving a full-size portable restroom up and down multiple floors is incredibly difficult. Also, sometimes restrooms get pushed to the side, making it difficult to service.
  3. Let’s face it… there are some construction working (and many others rude people) who love ruining portable restrooms with graffiti. This is a huge problem for portable restroom operators during the cleaning process.
  4. Heavy use and abuse of portable restrooms can lead to the need for replacement parts, and that costs you more money.

We’re not saying anything new, just pointing out a few of the obvious struggles that PROs deal with while contracting with construction sites.

Solutions to Your Problems

Highrise and Graffiti Remover for Construction Sites

  1. As far as dirt on construction sites… that’s never going away. So adapt your equipment! For example, check out the new Dirt Buster Base for standard-size portable restrooms! This base is easier and faster to clean because dirt literally falls right through the floor.
  2. You could look into ‘High Rise‘ kits for portable sinks and restrooms. You can use these add-ons to easily move your equipment with cranes. If that’s not an easy option, check out smaller construction site style units, like the Poly Mini. The Poly Mini can fit inside a freight elevator and still offers the same privacy as a standard size portable restroom.
  3. We can’t keep ‘wannabe’ up and coming artists from drawing all over your portable restrooms, but the solution we can offer is a proven product called Good as Gone. It’s made specifically to remove paints, inks, crayons, lipstick, and other marks.
  4. Before we started selling the truClose Hinge, from D&D Technologies, replacement door parts were a top seller at PolyPortables. Why? People abuse portable restrooms. Instead of continuing to charge you more money, our solution was to make better, tougher parts for our fronts and doors. We started using a sonic wield on the door jamb and using the exclusive truClose hinge. We’ve saved you thousands of dollars in replacement parts and solved the issue of door slamming completely.

Construction Trends

According to Construction International,

The construction industry is booming and experts expect growth to continue. The Bureau of Labor Statistics and a report from Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Center (CIC), project the construction industry to be one of the fastest growing industries into 2020.

There is currently a skilled labor shortage in the construction industry due to the recession’s hard hit. But with increased work, the construction industry will have a higher employment rate than the overall economy. Construction has a 4.5% projected growth rate over the next several years, making construction staffing the leading industry in wage and employment growth.

Knowing that construction business isn’t slowing down, you need to be competitive in the marketplace. If you need new equipment, cleaning supplies, or want to upgrade your current fleet to be construction site ready, contact us right away.

We’ve got the gear and knowledge to help you succeed in this growing economy.
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