A Guide To Managing Recruitment & Retention In Today’s Sanitation Industry

Finding talented, hard-working individuals is the goal of any prospering business, but recruitment & retention are huge hurdles. In today’s ever-changing work landscape, it’s essential to provide enticing benefits packages that foster genuine employee relationships and appreciation. As younger generations continue to move into today’s workforce, it’s up to managers to create a culture that promotes success, personal and professional growth, and an engaging work environment.

As you know, maintaining a quality sanitation team is actually quite challenging. Take some time to read this guide to managing recruitment and retention in today’s sanitation industry to get inspired to find the best people for your team.

Hiring Tips for Sanitation Companies

Hiring the right people for the job comes down to developing an effective hiring process. From reviewing candidate resumes to thoroughly measuring team compatibility, there are many ways to identify and recruit top-quality applicants. Check some ways to incorporate more focused hiring for your sanitation team, including:

  • Create a detailed job description
  • Pinpoint top priority selection criteria
  • Thoroughly review candidates materials
  • Conduct a phone screening interview
  • Compare team compatibility
  • Assess applicants goals
  • Develop a comprehensive onboarding process

Utilize Enticing Benefits Packages

As a manager, taking the time to prioritize a positive work culture will help boost productivity because employees will feel more appreciated and eager to come to work. Employee turnover can add stress to any organization, which it’s why it’s so crucial to recruit and retain top-tier team members. Unfortunately, in the sanitation world, this is one of our biggest challenges. One way to manage this is by offering initial incentives. Benefits packages are a vital component to fostering worker satisfaction. Reward your sanitation team for their hard work with generous employment benefits such as:

  • Paid sick leave
  • Health insurance
  • Paid parental leave
  • Gym memberships
  • Discounts to social events
  • Health and wellness incentives
  • Vacation time
  • Work from home options
  • Retirement plans

If you can make financial room for even a few of these benefit package ideas, you’ll be moving in the right direction. The ‘perks’ of the job can go a long way for many Americans in this economy.

Acknowledge Teamwork With Fun Rewards

Alongside significant long-term benefits packages, don’t forget to include other employee appreciation actions. Ensuring your employees feel empowered to share their thoughts is a great way to build a supportive work environment. One way to encourage employee engagement is by offering rewards and incentives for active employee participation, such as:

  • Gift cards
  • Payment bonuses
  • Sponsored lunches
  • Free continuing education courses
  • Team outings
  • Upgraded office products

In addition to providing motivating incentives, managers should also prioritize maintaining an open-door policy that encourages team members to check in, ask questions, propose ideas, or discuss complaints.

To understand just how powerful acknowledgment is, CLICK HERE to read an incredible article from INC.com

Managing Recruitment and Retention in Today’s Sanitation Industry

Once you have hired valuable team members, how do you invest in them? The key to recruiting and retaining employees in today’s sanitation industry is creating a happy workplace for employees to thrive. Explore some ways to improve your work’s atmosphere that helps keep skilled employees below:

#1. Encourage Daily Communications

Make a point to try communicating with employees every day. Whether it’s a simple hello and smile, or a whole conversation, this small gesture will make team members feel more appreciated, valued, welcome, and like their role within the company matters. Daily communications are an excellent way for coworkers to build a more profound sense of community with managers, executives, and each other.

You and your current employees are living, breathing extensions of your company culture. Recruitment and retention start with you.

#2. Offer Praise and Recognition

Job dissatisfaction often starts when workers feel underappreciated. For this reason, it’s incredibly essential to recognize hard work and praise employees for their performance routinely. Make it a point to regularly check in with workers through one-on-one feedback sessions, shouting out stellar accomplishments throughout the week, and offering immediate praise on the job.

#3. Create Opportunities for Growth

Feeling stagnant is a common reason why many employees seek work elsewhere. Creating opportunities for employees to grow personally and professionally can positively impact the retention rates of valuable workers. Find engaging ways to support their growth within the organization, and don’t forget to inspire them to succeed by making the work more fulfilling.

#4. Avoid Micromanaging

Gone are the days of overbearing management styles; instead, employees crave work environments where they feel trusted, respected, and supported. When you show confidence in their abilities, it can help boost productivity. Try adding accountability requirements and incentives to encourage task completion and avoid micromanaging projects.

#5. Foster a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Work life balance is key to recruitment and retention.

The 9 to 5 grind would be a dream, compared to most of the people who work in the sanitation industry. The truth is, these jobs are more like 5AM to 7PM. This can leave most employees exhausted, especially if they cannot find a successful work-life balance.

Avoid burnout and employee dissatisfaction by offering supportive work-life balance incentives. Some great ideas include opportunities to work from home if at all possible, additional vacation days, childcare options, and discounts on fun social activities or local restaurants.

#6. Provide Health and Wellness Initiatives

Another great way to build a sustainable workforce is by offering wellness programs to encourage healthier behaviors to fend off chronic illness, fatigue, and burnout. Employers who provide these programs create a more supportive system that encourages employees to exercise often, eat more nutritious foods, and engage in team-building activities to offset sluggish behaviors. 

Employer-sponsored wellness programs and mental healthcare support are more desirable than ever, given the state of the world, and they are essential for companies looking to retain valuable employees. When companies take these actions, they can create a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace. 

For a great list of ideas, CLICK HERE. Web MD has some fantastic program examples.

Managing the Next Generation of Sanitation Workers

Managing the Next Generation of Sanitation Workers with better recruitment and retention practices.

As new generations continue to enter the workforce, it’s vital to adapt your training programs to easily engage with your new employees. Some of the most successful companies use this approach to help them constantly keep evolving and thriving, and the sanitation industry can also copy these tactics.

Millennials and Generation Z are driven by collaboration, teamwork, acknowledgment, and knowing their work is helping the greater good. These generations have significantly pushed to have a more substantial work-life balance that embraces mental and physical well-being. The best way to recruit and retain these generational workers is by offering direct and encouraging feedback, utilizing technology to its full potential, and creating plenty of opportunities for career advancement.

Building a Strong Team Environment Starts Today

For those managing recruitment and retention in today’s sanitation industry, it’s crucial to create a happier work environment that appeals to your employee’s current needs and long-term goals. By implementing these enticing benefits, offering growth opportunities, and regularly showing recognition for team members’ hard work, you will significantly improve your workplace. When all employees feel valued and allowed to personally and professionally grow, they will have more desire to stay within the organization.

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