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The 3 Most Surprisingly Awesome Things about Manufacturing Portable Toilets

Manufacturing portable toilets may not sound very glamorous or exciting, but Satellite|PolyPortables thinks there’s a lot more to it than people imagine. We are in our 6th decade of designing, improving, and manufacturing portable toilets (along with our trucks and trailers). Looking back on all of that experience, we are extremely proud of the strides that have been made in this industry. We are also excited about today’s developments and proud to be a driving force behind that innovation.

Here are the three most surprisingly awesome things about manufacturing portable toilets:

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1. We get to be part of the 80-year history of portable toilets.

They were first constructed – rather crudely – of wood and metal at the shipyards in Long Beach, California. These makeshift potties were placed on ships that were being constructed, and they provided shipbuilders a private place to go to the bathroom without having to trek all the way back to the dock head. Somewhere along the way, it occurred to someone that these portable restrooms could be useful in other settings. And the rest is history!

2. We get to be involved with developing better ways to build and maintain portable restrooms.

Manufacturing portable toilets means constant research and development. We tinker with our current designs and materials to come up with better ways to serve our customers and fulfill people’s needs. For example, if you’re mature enough, think back a few decades to the old fiberglass portable toilets. They were stinky and brittle. Today’s portable toilets are far less brittle and don’t absorb odors like they did in the old days.

3. We get to make an impact on millions of people’s lives every day.

Our products help hard-working rental company owners provide for their families. Our portable toilets also help tons of other people meet their basic needs when they are not at home. It feels pretty good to know that when we manufacture a portable toilet, that unit will improve countless people’s lives in one way or another. (stats on global use of proper sanitation)

Satellite|PolyPortables strongly believes in our products and accessories. Many hours of research and development have gone into our current lineup of portable toilets. Much more time and effort goes into molding and assembling each portable restroom we make. You may not know that we also develop and manufacture accessories and supplies, such as deodorizers and hand wash stations. Our goal is to be our clients’ one-stop-shop for all of their rental business needs.

We know that when our restroom units leave our facility, they are on their way to serving an important purpose. That’s why we invest so much into perfecting our designs and manufacturing processes. We want our customers and their clients to be completely satisfied with our products. Want to know more? Call us toll-free at (800) 241-7951 with your questions about manufacturing portable toilets.

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