Marketing Campaign Launch

Launching Your Marketing Campaign – Brand Strategy Part 5!

We’ve covered so much content in the last month, and it’s finally time to launch the marketing campaign that you’ve been working on! You’ve gotten to know your audience, you’ve researched, set goals, and chosen the right channels. Now we’re on to the last step – actually doing some communicating!

With all the planning that you’ve done this step isn’t the most difficult, but there are some important things to remember. We have to commit to tracking and evaluating all leads and feedback (positive and negative), and we must be open to change, based on that feedback.

Marketing Campaign Launch

What to Accomplish with Your Marketing Campaign

You obviously want to create leads, convert them, and make more money. However, we need to get past the ‘profit only’ mindset and get into the mind of the consumer. Here is what we want to provide for the customer:

  • Overcome objections
  • Build trust
  • Provide proof
  • Clearly, lead the visitor to a call to action

Yes, the return on your investment is important, but think about what we really need to accomplish. If you build trust with your marketing campaign you build more value into that customer, creating a more sustainable source of revenue long term.

Good marketing can lead to a greater lifetime value, instead of making one-off sales, then losing that customer.

There’s No ‘One Way’ To Launch

In all of your research and careful planning, we’re sure you’ve realized that there is a LOT of flexibility when delivering your marketing message. There are countless options in choosing your audience, your message, your channel etc. The same is true for releasing your campaign. You can launch all of your information at once, you can choose a drawn-out approach, or use multiple channels at various times, depending on your company needs.

For example, when we have big news to announce, we choose a combination approach.

  • magazine ad for several consecutive months
  • email newsletters containing similar info
  • website updates to reflect the news
  • social media posts to support the message

Additionally, we make sure our staff knows to communicate our marketing message over the phone and through email in their daily exchange with current customers. The key is being ready when you launch your marketing campaign. Know what you’re saying and be ready to communicate that message.

Marketing Campaign Options

Track All Results

It is important to track your marketing efforts to results. Results are determined by the goals you’ve already set. In many cases, results are usually in terms of sales or qualified leads. But, with some digital marketing campaigns, results can also be customer engagement, feedback, and brand impression

Tracking and measuring results can be simple or complex, but it’s based on the nature of your business. In its simplest form, you can measure cost per lead if you have the details of how much you spend on lead generation. In the more complex measurement arena, you can track your marketing influence to closed deals using marketing automation software. However, since it’s our goal to help you build an ‘affordable brand strategy’, we’re not concerned with expensive software at this point. In fact, we don’t even use them 99% of the time. Good tracking and reporting on in-house efforts can help negate the need for expensive software – to a certain extent.

When you have completed the cycle of a marketing campaign, ask the following questions during your review:

  • Did you meet the goals? If not, why?
  • Did your offer satisfy your target audience? If not, what can you offer that will?
  • Should anything change next time you run the campaign?
  • What did you learn that you can apply to your next campaign for this audience?

Launching a marketing campaign is not something you can do quickly and achieve results. Each initiative needs to be planned and well thought out before you begin the campaign. Without proper planning, your marketing campaign is likely to fail.

LEAN Marketing Campaign
A framework created by Boxter to help companies grow smarter and faster.

Plan, Do, Check Act

At PolyPortables, we like to include LEAN practices in our marketing as well. In the past 5 weeks, we’ve helped lay the groundwork for planning a marketing campaign. Today, we’ve outlined the key steps to launching your campaign.

With LEAN practices, the next steps are to ‘Check’ and ‘Act’, meaning it’s now time to measure results, reform your plan, and try again. How many times should you do this? The short answer is – forever. As long as your company is in operation, you should be refining your marketing strategy and sending out the content that consumers need.

Like anything that’s worth doing, building a brand strategy takes time and careful consideration. It’s so important to test, and retest, each time you launch a marketing campaign. We want you to succeed and grow stronger as a company.

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