Porta Potty Base

Porta Potty Base from Satellite for PolyPortables Units

Satellite is proud to announce that our newest Porta Potty Base now works for the PolyPortables brand AXXIS, standard size, portable restroom! We’re about to start the busiest season of the year. You need to make sure you have enough sanitation equipment, and that it’s in peak condition, to handle the summer rush. We can help.

Dirt Buster Grated Base

Grated Porta Potty Base

Do you have portable restrooms in your fleet that are used at concerts, construction sites, or other potentially muddy/high dirt locations? This new grated skid is perfect for all of those situations, and more!

We’re sure you’re familiar with the feeling: You head out to service your portable restrooms, only to open the door and find them packed with mud and dirt. This skid is the solution to just that problem. The grated floor allows all of that dirt and grime to fall right through the floor and out of your porta potty. This design helps cut down the time it takes to clean your portable restroom. The faster you can get the unit cleaned and back in the field, the more money it will make for your business.

Your PROs will love this skid. Contact your Division Manager today!


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