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What is the ‘Real’ Demand for Renting Portable Restrooms?

Have you ever wondered just how busy the companies renting portable restrooms really are? To ponder the real demand for portable restrooms, consider every concert, race, or special event you have ever attended. Think of each construction site you have ever driven past. Each of these places, and many more, need portable restrooms for customers, employees, and guests. Even places with permanent restrooms hold special events, and the increased attendance means that renting portable restrooms is a necessity.

The number of portable restrooms needed depends on the size of the population it’s serving. So think about your average home construction site; with a handful of guys working each day, renting one portable restroom is sufficient. But if we are talking about an industrial complex being built, dozens of carpenters, electricians, and more will be on-site daily. Renting multiple portable restrooms for these sites is definitely in order.

Now think bigger: how about special event sites, such as fairgrounds or race tracks? The need for renting portable restrooms may be sporadic based on the schedule of events, but there could be hundreds or even thousands of people present during concerts, fairs, and races. The potential need for portable restrooms and hand washing stations just increased exponentially.

Consider the Portable Restroom User

It’s also a good idea to consider who is attending the event. Is there likely to be a majority of women or men? Ladies tend to use portable restrooms more often than men, so a heavily female crowd will probably require more portable restrooms than a male-dominated group. And all of us with children know that kids never seem to go very long between bathroom breaks, so plan accordingly for a children’s event.

To complete the picture of the actual demand for portable restrooms, take a look at the activities the crowd is participating in. Particularly, is alcohol being served? Above average liquid consumption hastens and increases the need for portable restrooms. Concerts, races, food festivals, carnivals, and other events that feature alcohol vendors or beer tents are prime examples. So if the crowd is swilling beers all day, it’s going to require renting additional portable restrooms to accommodate the greater need.

From 2013 until now, The sanitation industry has seen huge growth in the US.  The total annual revenue generated from portable restroom rentals is thought to be around 2 billion dollars. Assuming that the average cost per toilet rental is $75, that means somewhere around 27 million toilets are being rented every year!

Buying Portable Restrooms Straight from the Manufacturer

PolyPortables manufactures high-quality portable restrooms for crowds with various needs. Our standard models are versatile, for use anywhere, and our special needs portable restrooms make it easier for folks using crutches or wheelchairs to take advantage of the facilities.

For large, busy crowds we even make urinal units to help speed up those long restroom lines. If you are looking for new portable restrooms that you can use or rent for special events, PolyPortables offers a diverse range of units that are available in a variety of colors.

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