Restroom Assembly – Printable Guides and Videos

As the premier portable restroom manufacturer, we feel it’s our responsibility to make sure each and every customer has all of the tools they need to keep their fleets in top condition. Creating easy to read (and watch) restroom assembly guides is key to helping our customers respond to any damage and/or malfunctions their units experience in the field, due to heavy usage or general job site abuse.

We intend to create new and updated assembly guides for all of our products as we move into the future! For now, we know you’ll find the following links and videos useful.

Restroom Assembly Videos

Tufway Assembly

 Global Assembly

 Maxim 3000 Assembly

 AXXIS Assembly

 Vantage Assembly

Additional Assembly Materials

We have countless assembly and repair videos on our YouTube channel, with content ranging from Trucks and Suites, to plastic Restrooms, Deodorizers, and our full line of accessories –

To download printable versions of our assembly guides, please visit

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