Which Restroom Trucks Are a Good Fit For Your Portable Restroom Operation?

There are many benefits for businesses to provide portable restrooms at events, parks, and outside of stadiums.  Now that the event industry is in full swing, portable restrooms are in high demand. 

The advantages include water conservation, convenience, odor control, and cost-effective sanitation. Perhaps the largest benefit of a portable restroom operation is the proper disposal of waste with the help of restroom trucks. 

Restroom trucks carry the responsibility of correctly disposing of waste to reduce harm to local plant and animal life, and for the general safety and comfort of the public. It is necessary to ensure that your portable restroom service is equipped with the correct restroom trucks to complete the job.

Unsure of which restroom trucks are best for your operation? Continue reading to learn about how our different trucks and tanks can suit your needs. 

Restroom Trucks Are a Good Fit For Your Portable Restroom Operation

Carbon Steel MD Series

Satellite Vacuum Trucks MD series restroom trucks are all made from strong carbon steel. These vacuum trucks are one of the most sought-after choices at Satellite Industries. 

Carbon steel tanks are secured tightly on the truck with a bed liner that protects its durability. Hoses and tools are easily accessible in the custom drop-down sections of the work area. Each MD tank contains internal baffles to eliminate sloshing.

Satellite Vacuum Trucks exclusively carry MD tanks in the following sizes: 

  • 950 gal 
  • 1250 gal 
  • 1600 gal 

Our expertise in the sanitation industry led us to discover what tank sizes work best for portable restroom operations.

The MD-950 gallon tank is the most popular choice. It leaves drivers happy with how dependable, strong, and flexible it is. The MD 950 can be carried on a Ford F-550 or Dodge Ram 5500. 

If you opt for the larger MD 1250 or MD 1600, these are driven on a Ford F-750 or Hino 268. 

On any MD series truck, there is a hydraulic vacuum system. This vacuum consists of a combined power take-off (PTO) and pump system. The hydraulic kit contains a 15-gallon reservoir and motor that can be mounted over the rear wheel or under the tank skirting.

You need Restroom Trucks for your business!

Aluminum MAL Series

If you’re dropping off or picking up portable units at an event with more than 2 restrooms, you might consider the Aluminum MAL Series restroom trucks. Whether you’re looking to buy or lease restroom truck equipment, aluminum trucks are a cost-effective choice.

The MAL series hosts a variety of tank sizes between the MAL 700PD and Mal 2150.

  • The MAL 700PD tank is mounted sideways and can hold four units. It is the ideal truck for larger events. The larger MAL tanks feature a 2-unit hauler on the back of each truck. They also come with a trailer hitch mount for larger jobs. All tanks are finished with bright aluminum.
  • The twin compartment tanks permit waste and freshwater to be stored during service. These aluminum tanks weigh much less than steel tanks. This lighter weight results in less weathering of the framework. It is also to thank for lower mileage costs.
  • The lightweight aluminum tank can be carried on a Ford F-500 or Ram 5500 without exceeding either’s weight capacity. A huge perk is that a commercial driver’s license is not required to operate these restroom trucks.

All trucks in the MAL series have customizable options. Choose from options of vacuum hose lengths, pressure wash systems, and dump hose lengths. Not to mention, choose your chassis from:

  • Ford
  • Freightliner
  • Sterling 
  • Peterbilt

Satellite’s aluminum MAL tanks feature internal baffles that make it easy to operate, make stops, and minimize sloshing. If you’re looking for a low-cost restroom service truck with high efficiency, the MAL series is right for you. 

Stainless Steel SS Series

If durability and longevity are most important to you and your portable restroom service, you will want to consider tanks in our Stainless Steel SS Series. Stainless steel will outlast any other restroom tank on the market.

Even though stainless-steel tanks weigh more and cost more than aluminum or carbon steel, they are the primary choice for operators who want to keep their trucks in service as long as possible.

Not only are SS Series tanks finished with stainless steel, but they also feature stainless steel workstations, hose trays, and cabinets. Lowered workstations on bigger trucks are exclusively offered through Satellite Vacuum Trucks. 

Select from gallon sizes of 950, 1250, or 1600. Choose from customizable options of:

  • Vacuum hose lengths
  • Pressure wash systems
  • Dump hose lengths
  • Odor eliminators

With the proper upkeep and maintenance, stainless steel restroom trucks will last into your retirement. 

Tilt Tank TT Series

If you are looking for something different than our traditional MD, MAL, or SS septic trucks, check out Satellite’s Tilt Tank TT Series. Tilt tanks are much larger than standard restroom trucks. They range in size from 2200- 4000 gallons. Drivers will need a commercial driver’s license to operate tilt tanks.

Tilt tanks ensure that your vacuum tank is completely clean and clear of all waste. Satellite Vacuum Trucks offer back-opening tilt tanks that allow for the operator to easily empty all the waste that would normally get trapped in non-tilt trucks. 

Tilt tanks are great options for a variety of portable restroom services. One of the best perks of working with Satellite Vacuum Trucks on your tilt truck is that we can customize trucks to fit your exact needs.

You can choose your tank size, material, pump package, and any other customized details. You can trust us to build a reliable tilt tank that meets your requirements.

Trust Satellite Industries With Your Restroom Truck Needs

No matter the size of your portable restroom operation, Satellite Vacuum Trucks is the one-stop-shop to cover your needs. From standard sizes to trustworthy durability, we can provide a readily available septic tank from our ground inventory that is ideal for your operation.

If you’re torn between two great options, or if you want a custom build tailored to the needs of your driver, feel free to reach out. The service providers at our many service centers and warehouse locations are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

We provide resources for drivers beyond choosing the best restroom truck. Check out our best tips for planning and managing routes to and from portable restroom operations.

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