Rivet Gun Repair

Rivet Gun Repair

Recently we’ve had a few requests from our mobile assembly teams on providing instructions for rivet gun repair. We know, we know… we manufacture portable restrooms, sinks and showers – why make repair guides for tools? Many people don’t realize which tools are necessary for assembling portable toilets, and how important they are to our operation.

One of the most common tools for porta potty assembly is the air powered rivet gun. We use the PRG Pneumatic POP gun. The timing for tool maintenance will change based on how many units you’re building, but keeping up with your gear is vital to reducing down time, leading to maximum profitability.

Here are a few videos, explaining the most common rivet gun issues, and how to repair them quickly.

Rivet Gun Repair Videos

PRG 510 Pneumatic Rivet Gun Push Spring Repair

PRG 510 Pneumatic Rivet Gun Piston Rod Repair

Rivet Gun Repair Common Issue Overview

View Full Rivet Gun Manual

We know that these videos will help our customers and mobile assembly teams! If you need further help with:

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