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True Economic Impacts of Sanitation Equipment Sales

There’s no doubt about it… the industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Still, the sanitation equipment industry is considered small when compared to the Fortune 500. Although our industry is filled with companies of all different sizes and profit margins, did you know that sanitation equipment sales (from any size company) are a key indicator of the growth within that local economy? Whether you’re a local or national sanitation equipment rental company, maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at how you fit into the big picture.

economic impact of portable toilet rentals

How Do You Make an Impact?

The portable sanitation industry fits into the big picture in important ways – health, safety, standards of living, etc. Consider the economic impact as well. Because the industry is largely construction related, it’s a part of the “early indicator” group that marks the direction of the national (and global) economy. Also, the growth of special events is dependent, in part at least, on portable sanitation innovations and efficiency. (Portable Restroom Industry Forecast)

In a similar way, small and mid-size sanitation companies are extremely important to the industry as a whole. They are the life or death, front line soldier, real people dealing with real customers and scoring real successes. It may not be true in every case, but smaller companies tend to stay closer to their customers, and that’s where all of the action is ( It’s also where the real information is. You may think that you’re just a tiny piece of the big picture, but in reality, you’re of great importance to the industry as a whole. In fact, the big picture wouldn’t even exist without you.

Strength in Numbers

economic impact of your companyWith so many new and changing regulatory burdens in our industry, it’s nice to know there is a common bond regardless of how competitive it may be at times. Thanks to groups like PSAI, our industry has a voice in the big picture. The only way that organizations like PSAI can grow and truly represent this industry on a national scale is with lots of the “little guys”.

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If organizations like PSAI are to fight the big picture battles, which are so vital to our survival, it must have the little pictures behind it. Without the so-called little guys, PSAI and other organizations would cease to exist, our industry loses our voice, and manufacturers have no customers to serve. In this light, you can see the obvious economic impact of your sanitation company – no matter the size.

According to Research & Markets, “the overall mobile toilets market worldwide is set to cross the US$ 9 billion mark by 2026.

This all might seem a little dramatic, but realistically it takes every single company that deals in sanitation equipment sales to keep the industry running. Everyone in the industry should be proud of the part they play. Along with that pride, be encouraged by knowing you’re responsible for its growth.

Rising Tide

economic impact toilet marketWith recent studies showing a surge in construction, sanitation equipment manufacturing, and special event growth, the industry is on the verge more rapid growth. Just because you’re working hard to make a little cash, don’t lose sight of the big picture. The true economic impact that your company has on the country is huge. Combined, you provide thousands and thousands of jobs. You help people stay clean and safe. You matter.

To keep that prosperity intact, you have to fight as a team. In the words of Ben Franklin, “if we do not hang together, we shall most certainly hang separately.”

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