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Sinks | 4 Effective Selling Points for Hand Wash Stations

Tag Along Sinks - Tag 2 Suction Port 1When your customers (or the end user) think about portable sanitation equipment, their minds typically go straight to portable restrooms. But what about the sinks? Hand-wash stations are often overlooked by people who are in the market for renting portable restrooms. Whether it’s due to cost or the perceived maintenance hassles, portable sinks don’t seem to be as in demand as portable toilets. However, we know the true value of these modules, and we’d like to help increase the demand for them.

As the producer of the best-selling sink in the industry (TagAlong/Tag2), we’re sharing 4 Effective Selling Points for hand-wash Stations.

Prevent Transmission of Germs and Diseases

With all of the summertime events taking place, it’s vital to practice good hygiene. Higher traffic at concerts, sports events, and festivals means your customers need more ways to keep clean. In addition, it seems like fears of new viruses and bacterial infections are always popping up.

While we all know that proper hand washing is a critical step in preventing the spread of germs and diseases, we sometimes dismiss it when we are out at special events. But if you think about it, when you’re in a crowded public place, isn’t it just the time and place where people should be washing their hands more? According to the CDC, it is.

Portable Sinks are Easy to Use

Green Super Twin With Super Mate

Most hand washing stations are foot pump-operated, making the hand washing process nearly touch-free.

A quick press of the soap dispenser button and a pump of the foot, and you’re lathering up and washing away the day’s grime and germs. Our hand-wash stations also have a paper towel dispenser as well for drying clean hands.

We don’t just stop at foot pump operations. We also have ADA compliant attachments (Super Mate), and GAP sinks for the agricultural industry as well.

Simple Maintenance

Portable hand washing stations have large reservoirs for clean and gray water. The larger the capacity, the less frequently the clean water needs to be filled and gray water needs to be drained. And the pouches used to refill soap dispensers easily snap into place. With easy access to a drain and a garden hose, keeping hand washing stations running smoothly is not difficult at all.

With a minimum of 24 gallons for both clean and gray water, even our smallest portable sinks can be used hundreds of times before re-servicing.

Lightweight and Easy to Move

When the water reservoirs are empty, your typical rentable hand washing stations are reasonably lightweight and easy to reposition. In fact, smaller models weigh less than half of what a portable restroom weighs. Our sinks are the primary example.

Tag 2 Sinks fit in Portable Restrooms

If you find that a hand washing station is impeding traffic flow, moving it to a more suitable location is no big deal. Simply empty the tanks, and two people can easily lift and move it to the side of the path of traffic. Hand washing stations are also easy to load and unload at event sites, or at the rental facility.  Our Tag Along hand-wash station is designed to be placed inside most portable restrooms for easy transportation to and from the event site.

PolyPortables has been manufacturing rentable hand washing stations since the early 1980s. We have always strived to stay on top of the latest developments, innovations, and requirements for portable sanitation devices. Our wide range of portable sinks and restrooms will meet the needs of any event or work site.

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