Trailer Production to Double with Satellite Suites® Expansion

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Increasing the Satellite Suites® Trailer Production has been a long-standing mission for our company. “What do you have available?” seems to be the standard question of those calling Satellite Suites. If there is one thing true about the restroom trailer demand, it’s growing, and Satellite Suites is expanding to meet customer demands. Our trailer manufacturing facility in Bristol, Indiana is adding 110,000 sq. ft of space to help double the number of trailers being produced in 2019. Even with this added expansion, current trailer orders are already extending well into 2019, meaning it’s not too early to place your order by calling 574-742-4613 or sending a quote request to

Trailer Production Ground Breaking

Increasing Production | Maintaining Quality

With demand higher than trailer availability industry-wide, ordering a trailer based on delivery dates is probably necessary for some buyers. For others, the temptation to buy the first available trailer is outweighed by the desire for quality and dependability. Buyers who want quality and dependability should consider the features and benefits of owning a Satellite Suites trailer.

Key features in a Satellite Suites trailer, which leads to longevity and higher profitability for owners, are its seamless surfaces, metal frame, non-wood sub-materials and a polyethylene, bottom sump tank.

The Difference is in the Details

Trailer Production in Bristol

Suites trailers are constructed with seamless materials for all exposed surfaces, a vital feature for preventing moisture from penetrating the framework. Moisture trapped inside the framework leads to expensive repairs and unwanted odors. Specifically, Suites trailers have a patented OverArmor™ roof to quickly dispel water and prevent pooling. Pooled water on the roof will likely find its way into the trailer through seams on items like vents and air conditioners. Roof side channels then move the dispersed water away from all door openings, to keep guests from annoying drips. The carbon roof is also strong enough to resist punctures from low hanging branches.

The exterior walls are made of seamless, fiberglass gel-coat. This material retains both its natural brilliance with minimal upkeep and is easy to repair if scratched or gouged. By avoiding the use of riveted, overlapping wall panels, this solid surface easily resists moisture penetration. Interior surfaces, including walls, floor and ceiling are made of seamless, commercial grade materials as are all sub-surfaces. Seams, especially on floors, do allow water to seep into the structure. If there is a wooden sub-surface, it will eventually rot and require replacement.

The main structure is made of aluminum studs, separated with high-density foam to reduce noise and add structural stability. This type of construction is resistant to mold build-up and will not rot, like wooden framed trailers. It’s also lighter weight.

Trailer Production BaseAnother key feature of a Suites’ trailer is the polyethylene holding tank. It has a bottom sump for maximum drainage and a side port to be used for power washing. A clean waste tank is an odor-free tank, essential to those paying the high price for trailer rental. Some trailer manufacturers offer stainless steel tanks with liners which cannot be power-washed and side dump ports, usually resulting in a permanent layer of waste residue on the bottom of the tank.


For additional feature and benefit information or to view models and floorplans, visit or call your local Satellite|PolyPortables Area Manager.

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