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When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Vacuum Truck Fleet?

The need to upgrade your vacuum truck fleet is inevitable in the sanitation industry. As your business grows, you realize your old trucks show signs of wear and tear, such as continual leaks, concerning noises, wearing lights, or even failed gear systems. Such a situation leaves you with two main options: upgrading or maintaining your older vacuum truck fleet. Both options are great, but there comes a time when upgrading is the only viable option. However, there are multiple factors to consider before making the final decision, and we are here to help you understand them.

This guide explores the pros and cons of upgrading your aging vehicle fleet versus maintaining older vehicles. Hopefully, you will get the information you need to make the ideal decision for your sanitation company.

Upgrading Your Vacuum Truck Fleet

To upgrade is to get a new, safer, and more reliable truck for your business while still maintaining the average monthly expenses. As much as you would like to keep your vacuum fleet for a long time, continual maintenance issues may cost you more in the long run. The daily wear and tear can take a toll on your company’s ability to deliver waste as promised, affecting your reputation.

When Should You Upgrade Your Vacuum Truck Fleet?

Here are a few instances when upgrading is the only solution to choose.

1. When the Cost of Maintaining the Old Fleet Is High

Besides the actual purchase price of your trucks, there’s a lot to consider when determining the costs of your fleet. Such costs include insurance costs, fuel costs, and maintenance costs. Ideally, maintenance costs tend to be high when the trucks experience regular breakups. You should upgrade your vacuum truck fleet if the total repair and maintenance costs are higher than the buying costs.

2. When Your Fleet Is More Than A Decade Old

Age is the main factor to consider when upgrading your fleet. If you bought your vacuum trucks more than ten years ago, chances are some parts are not as effective as they should be. 

Wear and tear increases with the age of any truck, especially those in the sanitation industry, because they are always on the road. An upgrade can save you more costs in the future and give you access to modern and more reliable trucks.

Modern trucks use sophisticated tools to improve the safety of the driver, employees, and the public. Such technology includes advanced features such as GPS navigations systems, tire pressure monitoring, security alerts, backup cameras, emergency brakes, and much more.

3. When Your Trucks Are Using Outdated Technology

If your vacuum truck fleet is more than a decade old, chances are they use the old technology. Smart features on your fleet increase safety and make the trucks more comfortable to ride.

Pros and Cons of Vacuum Truck Fleet Upgrades

Sanitation firms with heavy-duty trucks are realizing the benefits of upgrading their trucks to increase efficiency. Here are the pros and cons of upgrading your truck fleet:


  • Newer trucks are safer with more control and advanced safety systems
  • Newer trucks can improve your corporate image and help you gain more clients
  • Upgrading can help you attract a more experienced team because drivers need comfort and less fatigue when driving
  • Fewer repair and maintenance costs on your new trucks
  • Lower running costs such as reduced fuel usage
  • Increased reliability


  • Initial costs could be high depending on the exact upgrades you need on your vacuum truck fleet
  • Supply chain issues could delay the manufacturing for new trucks.

Maintaining Your Aging Vehicle Fleet

Aging vehicles tend to have higher maintenance needs. For instance, you may need to service the tires more often, replace the braking systems and keep spare parts in handy if you need them when attending to client calls.

When Should You Consider Maintenance As An Option To Keep Your Old Fleet?

Here are a few instances when you can choose to service your old fleet instead of upgrading them:

  • When the trucks are less than a decade old
  • If the cost of an upgrade is too high for your company to afford
  • If you don’t have a huge workload, meaning that you are comfortable with the current condition and speed of your old fleet

Old Fleet Maintenance Tips

You should take good care of your old trucks to increase the mileage and the number of years the truck will serve. Here are a few maintenance tips to keep in mind should you choose maintenance other than upgrading:

  • Regularly inspect and maintain the braking system even if you don’t hear unusual noises
  • Take care of the tires by ensuring they are always inflated
  • Change the hoses and the belts
  • Apply new coating to maintain the aesthetic appearance
  • Work with an experienced servicer at all times

Pros and Cons of Maintaining an Aging Truck Fleet


  • It’s cheaper than getting a new fleet of trucks
  • It’s a good option if the trucks are in excellent condition and you service them well


  • Aging fleet maintenance is like a ‘money pit’. You will never recover that money, yet the trucks are depreciating
  • The long-term expense may be very high, mainly if you need regular replacement of vital parts and systems

Upgrading or Maintenance: What’s the Better Option?

The decision to upgrade or keep maintaining your old fleet depends on the following factors:

  • Your budget
  • The current condition of your vacuum truck fleet
  • The size of your business
  • Your goals – what you want to achieve in the future

Overall, you should upgrade your vacuum truck fleet if you intend to expand your business. An upgrade is also a smart choice if your truck fleet is old such that the maintenance costs are high. Nevertheless, you should always involve your team and an expert to help you make the right choice.

Upgrade Your Vacuum Truck Fleet Today

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