Vacuum Technology 101

Vacuum Technology 101

Welcome to the forefront of portable sanitation, where convenience, efficiency, and minimal environmental impact converge. Satellite’s Vacuum Technology division redefines the concept of portability and practicality by offering unparalleled customization through modular design and a fresh flush every time. Learn why Vacuum Technology is the ideal solution for events, festivals, fairs, humanitarian aid, and military operations worldwide. Get ready to explore the countless benefits of Satellite Vacuum Technology and how it is reshaping the landscape of portable sanitation.


Vacuum Technology surpasses traditional portable sanitation solutions in efficiency through a combination of smart design and ingenious engineering. Embracing a durable collapsible galvanized steel frame, these modules redefine transportation, setup, and takedown processes. Thanks to their space-saving ingenuity, each module occupies a mere 44% of the space compared to conventional plastic toilets and restroom trailers. This optimized design allows for an impressive load of up to 26 modules, housing 78 toilets in total, to fit seamlessly onto a single truck—a 66% improvement over the limited capacity of restroom trailers and traditional plastic toilets.

Once offloaded at the destination, each module effortlessly transforms into a ready-to-use configuration in one minute. With this exceptional blend of innovation and ease, Satellite Vacuum Technology demonstrates its undeniable advantage, making it a standout in the world of portable sanitation.


Satellite’s Vacuum Technology holds a distinct modular advantage, presenting a remarkable level of adaptability to cater to diverse event requirements. Whether it’s providing much-needed relief during humanitarian aid efforts, serving large-scale events, or supporting military operations, these units can be tailored precisely to meet the specific demands of each situation. The ingenious modular concept empowers organizers to configure restroom modules in a variety of setups, enabling them to accommodate varying capacities and amenities. By seamlessly adjusting to the unique needs of different scenarios, this groundbreaking technology ensures a perfect fit, making it an invaluable asset across a wide spectrum of applications.


Satellite Vacuum Technology offers an array of sanitation modules, each serving a specific purpose to revolutionize the world of portable sanitation. With the flexibility to customize each unique event, organizers can tailor the number of toilet, urinal, and handwash modules to precisely match the demographics and attendance size. This intelligent approach ensures a seamless experience for all participants, offering a practical and user-friendly solution that perfectly aligns with the specific needs of each occasion. Addressing accessibility needs, the ADA module caters to individuals with disabilities, ensuring inclusivity and comfort for all users. At the core of it all lies the Vacuum Systems, the driving force behind this revolutionary technology, powering each module’s flushing mechanism. Together, these cutting-edge modules comprise a comprehensive and versatile lineup, demonstrating Satellite’s commitment to excellence in portable sanitation.


Satellite’s Vacuum Technology stands as an eco-friendly portable sanitation solution that uses 90% less water and chemicals. The system’s design allows for direct discharge into the sewer or holding tank, eliminating the need for water-intensive methods commonly associated with traditional portable restrooms and restroom trailers. Moreover, this technology almost completely eliminates the necessity for chemical deodorants, promoting a cleaner and greener approach to sanitation. With its environmentally conscious approach and thoughtful design, this revolutionary system sets a new standard for eco-friendly portable sanitation.

Closed System

Satellite’s Vacuum Technology boasts an ingenious closed system, integrating powerful vacuum pumps that redefine the way portable sanitation operates. With this innovative setup, operators gain flexibility by eliminating waste directly to the sewer system, or by situating the holding tank up to 600 feet away from the toilets. The powerful vacuum module macerates the waste and carries it away, eliminating any concerns of offensive odors lingering near the restroom area, ensuring a pleasant environment for users and event attendees.


Satellite’s Vacuum Technology goes beyond just providing state-of-the-art hardware; it also offers an intuitive and powerful app that unlocks a multitude of benefits for operators and event organizers. The system’s app serves as a control center, allowing operators to monitor various aspects of the portable sanitation setup remotely. With real-time data and insights at their fingertips, operators can track tank levels, gauge usage patterns, and receive alerts for maintenance and servicing needs. This proactive approach ensures smooth operations, minimizes downtime, and optimizes resource allocation. Moreover, the app’s user-friendly interface empowers event organizers to customize settings and configurations, adapting the restroom modules to specific event requirements with ease. From hassle-free monitoring to streamlining logistics, Satellite’s Vacuum Technology app is the perfect companion, revolutionizing the way we approach and appreciate portable sanitation solutions.

To Conclude

Satellite’s Vacuum Technology emerges as a true game-changer in the world of portable sanitation, setting new standards of innovation and eco-consciousness. Through its retractable and modular design, this revolutionary system offers unparalleled efficiency, adaptability, and ease of transportation, making it a preferred choice for events, humanitarian aid, military operations, and various other scenarios where portable restrooms and sanitation solutions are in high demand. Vacuum Technology has rewritten the playbook for portable sanitation, delivering an unparalleled blend of innovation, functionality, and eco-awareness that sets the stage for a cleaner, more efficient, and user-friendly future.

Stay tuned for our next article that explores the compelling reasons to choose Vacuum Technology over traditional plastic units.

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