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At least for now, restrictions are lifting and people are flocking to popular destinations. Festivals, concerts, weddings, and religious celebrations around the world are being attended in record numbers. Wherever crowds of people gather, reliable and hygienic toilets are essential. Vacuum Technology in Portable Restrooms can be incredibly convenient when managing sanitation in large crowds.

In our last blog, “How Vacuum Technology is Changing the Portable Sanitation Industry” we explored a general overview of vacuum tech in the sanitation industry. Today, we discuss Vacuum Technology in Portable Restrooms, and how it can be used to manage sanitation at festivals and events.

As we mentioned previously,

In today’s world, public restroom users want an atmosphere of comfort and safety. Although many of us see it as necessary, restroom goers prefer an experience without a big service truck out front. At the very least, having higher-powered flushing would be preferred to using a hand or foot pump in a porta potty.

Many job sites that require portable restrooms want an easier way to get waste from the toilet bowl to the sewer. The solution is a contained vacuum system.

But how does it work? The biggest difference is the vacuum. The vacuum technology in portable restrooms uses air instead of water to transport sewage. This advantage significantly reduces water usage. It also allows the airflow to vent away odors. Not least, this process dramatically reduces the risk of spreading airborne and waterborne pathogens. 

What’s the Difference?!

Vacuum Technology in Portable Restrooms. The difference between vacuum, traditional, and chemical toilets.

Chemical Toilets

When it comes to toilet types, each one has its advantages. For example, chemical toilets are relatively inexpensive to purchase. They are also very tough and require little maintenance outside of cleaning. However, when it comes to speed, manually pumping out hundreds of drop tanks at a large event can be very time-consuming. Hiring enough staff and purchasing enough trucks and equipment to do the job can also be pricy. Last, shutting down the unit for servicing means fewer festival and event-goers can use the restroom during that time.

That said, chemical toilets are and will remain the bread and butter of many portable restroom businesses for some time. Many businesses are thriving with these products.

Traditional Toilets

Most of us know how these work. Household (or traditional) toilets require water… 810 times more water than vacuum toilets. This technology would be difficult to apply to portable restrooms due to the limited piping options as well. Gravity-dependent transportation of waste means a higher risk of clogging.

Many end-users would love to have an “at-home” feeling when using a restroom at a festival or event. The truth is, however, that this application just doesn’t work. Hand and foot pumps, operated with are or water recirculation will still be a better option.

Vacuum Toilets

First things first. Vacuum technology is new to the portable restroom industry. However, it has been around for some time in the airline and maritime industries. You may also be surprised to know that vacuum toilet systems are used by NGOs, governments, and others who may need to deploy safe, hygienic toilets around the world. 

Recently, in both the US and domestic markets, vacuum technology in portable restrooms has been used on large festivals and events and is also available in many restroom trailers.

Some of the benefits of utilizing vacuum toilets at festivals and events are:

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable (up to 90% savings on water)
  • Waste is moved automatically
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick to deploy and easy to transport
  • The galvanized steel frame is very hard to damage

The only drawback is the initial cost. Because this technology is new to the sanitation industry, it can be costly to add to your equipment lineup. However, the potential savings in overhead from using vacuum technology in portable restrooms are ample.

Find Out More

You’re working hard to grow your business. At the same time, controlling long-term costs is vital. In our current economy, there’s not a lot of room for error. Financial investment may be high, but this technology is beneficial to the sanitation industry.

As always, you can reach out to us. Satellite has begun to look further into applying these technologies to our portable restrooms, sinks, and urinals. We’re excited to develop new products that are sure to help our customers grow. If you want more information on our Vacuum Technology Division, reach out to us at any time. | 1-800-883-1123

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