Maintaining hygiene and comfort in restrooms and handwashing stations is essential for any business. That’s why choosing the right paper products, such as paper towels and toilet paper, is so important. Satellite Industries paper products provide exceptional softness and performance that won’t break the bank. Suitable for restrooms and handwash stations, Satellite Industries’ paper products are designed to give your customers the comfort they deserve while showing your commitment to quality.


Bathroom Tissue

Every detail counts in a successful enterprise; that's why Satellite's Consumables Division offers a wide selection of Toilet Paper to suit your client's needs. Choose from 1-ply or 2-ply with a wide variety of sizes to accommodate all spindle and paper guard sizes.

Paper Towels

Paper Towels are essential for maintaining hygiene and comfort for in-unit and standalone handwash stations. With a variety of one-at-a-time single-fold, multi-fold, and universal-core roll styles, Satellite has the paper towels for your unique dispensing needs.

Toilet Seat Covers

Satellite's commitment to a comprehensive solution extends to toilet seat covers. Guard against E. coli, staph, herpes, and other infections that can be passed by contact with public toilet seats. Satellite's Consumables Division provides high-quality, biodegradable seat covers that align with environmental consciousness. Elevate your restroom offerings with these eco-friendly covers that showcase your commitment to public health and sustainability.

Fascial Tissues

Going beyond the basics, Satellite’s Consumables Division understands the importance of small details. Our facial tissue selection is extensive, offering everything from basic, two-ply to triple-ply. Choose from amenities like extra soft, soothing infusions and anti-viral. Elevate the overall experience of your portable restrooms with this thoughtful addition and you’ll keep your customers coming back.

Bathroom Tissue Dispensers

Designed for durability and ease of use, our bathroom tissue dispensers seamlessly integrate into your portable restroom units, minimizing maintenance and headaches. Our selection encompasses all toilet dispenser configurations with single, double, and triple roll dispensers; high capacity, center-pull one-at a-time, and coreless options are available, too. With robust construction and efficient dispensing mechanisms, these dispensers reflect our commitment to both user satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Paper Towel Dispensers

Explore our wide range of paper towel dispensers that are tailored to the unique needs and preferences of portable sanitation operators. These range from touchless electronic dispensing push-paddle, one-at-a-time dispensing, and everything in between, setting your business apart from the competition.

Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers

Hygiene is non-negotiable, and our toilet seat cover dispensers embody this principle. Satellite offers sturdy, easy-to-install dispensers that ensure your patrons can maintain a hygienic environment effortlessly. Trust us to deliver products that prioritize cleanliness and ease of use.

Specialty Dispensers

Take portable restroom hygiene to the next level with our specially designed specialty dispensers. Made with durability in mind, these units are built to withstand frequent use in demanding environments. Their conspicuous design ensures easy access for users while its low profile stays out of the way. These dispensers are a must for happy portable restroom users.




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