Satellite Industries offers a diverse range of top-notch safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) products for workplaces with increased safety hazards. These PPE items include safety glasses with cutting-edge lens technology, face and headgear that provide exceptional protection, and safety apparel like Hi-Vis safety vests, pants, and raingear designed to keep you safe around moving vehicles and work sites. With utmost regard for comfort, versatility, and safety, Satellite Industries’ PPE products are an excellent choice for professionals in the field.


Safety Apparel

Ensure the safety of your crew with our selection of safety apparel and clothing. From high-visibility jackets and hats to gloves and footwear, our gear is designed to keep your team visible and protected in challenging work environments.


Safeguard your crew with our array of personal protective equipment (PPE), prioritizing their safety at all times. Explore our comprehensive range of safety apparel and clothing, including high-visibility jackets, hats, gloves, and footwear, crafted to ensure visibility and protection in demanding work environments.

Head Gear

When you step into any work environment where physical risks are part of the daily routine, the value of face and head protection cannot be overstated. Whether navigating the hazards of a construction site, working in a chemical plant, or providing medical services, the gear you wear can dramatically influence your safety and comfort. Selecting the right face and head protection gear is not just about compliance; it's about ensuring you go home in the same condition you arrived in—safe and sound.

Vehicle Safety

Keep your fleet running safely with our selection of vehicle safety supplies. From hi-vis essentials to road safety equipment, Satellite's Consumables Division has everything you need to keep your team and vehicles safe with no accidents.

Eye Protection

Satellite Consumables offers a wide range of stylish name-brand anti-fog safety glasses designed to protect your vision and keep you comfortable in any environment. Our innovative eyewear not only provides style and comfort, but also protection from UV light, fog, impact, and dust particles.

Hand Protection

In every workplace, from crowded construction sites to precise laboratory environments, hand safety is paramount. That's where the right pair of safety gloves comes in—not just any gloves, but the best safety-rated gloves tailored to your needs.


Stay focused and step confidently into any task with Satellite's Consumables Division's innovative lineup of waterproof work boots and shoe covers. Our collection is designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable, providing the durability and protection needed for demanding work environments. Whether you're navigating through wet conditions or need to shield your footwear from dirt and debris, our selection ensures that your focus remains on the job at hand, without worrying about your footwear.


Extremities are particularly vulnerable to the cold, demanding specialized attention. Winter hats, beanies, neck gaiters, and insulated gloves are designed to provide insulation, dexterity, and even touchscreen compatibility. These features address the unique challenges of working with modern tools in winter temperatures.




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