John Sprenger


Regional Manager



Northwest Regional Manager

  • 1984-1990: Yard Supervisor, Special Events and Restroom Delivery for Satellite and BFI.
  • 1990-1993: Operations Manager for BFI and Waste Management, specializing in large events.
  • 1993-1995: Branch Manager for Browning Ferris (branch with over 2,000 portable restrooms).


Total Industry Experience: 34 Years

Starting back in the early 1980’s John began working in the liquid waste industry with a background for assembling, servicing, and maintaining portable restrooms. During this time, he received his four-year degree in business administration. Those ten years of extensive hands on operational and marketing experience helped John provide an in-depth knowledge and experience in the Portable Sanitation Industry. John's experience allows him to share a thorough understanding of the industry when helping customers. Learning and partnering with customers to be more profitable and successful has been a goal and plan for John during his many years in the industry. He strives and continues to work diligently to ensure each customer’s satisfaction.

Call for more information: 1-800-883-1123