Satellite Acquires PolyPortables


“It is an honor to combine these two great companies into one,” said Todd Hilde, CEO and owner of Satellite Industries. “PolyPortables’ strong leadership and quality products make the combination of our companies something I believe will be a tremendous benefit to our customers, employees and the industry. In the end, we will develop more products and services, advance industry knowledge and provide a higher level of technical support.”

“We also understand that our differences as companies are what is attractive to our customers,” adds Todd. “PolyPortables customers will continue to work directly with their Sales Representatives and Satellite customers will continue working with their Area Manager with the added benefit of being able to purchase each other’s products.”

“Any changes going forward will focus on how it benefits our customers and employees,” said Todd. “Both companies have a long history of customer and employee longevity and we expect this new company will only strengthen those relationships.”

Eric Capers, President of PolyPortables, also recognizes the benefits. “Our decision to accept the purchase offer by Satellite came about because of seeing the advantages to both our customers and employees,” said Eric. “We are going to focus on leveraging the strengths of both companies for the good of our customers.”

“Both Satellite and Polyportables’ teams are excited to join forces,” said John Babcock, President of Satellite Industries. “We have similar cultures and are dedicated to serving our customers, which means providing a wider variety of products, people, locations and resources.”



Since 1958


We’re celebrating 2018 by thanking you for sixty years in business. Without our customers, we could not have reached this milestone!

As our thanks to you, we will be giving away 60 gifts to 60 lucky winners at this year’s WWETT Show! Look for a registration card in the January and February issues of PRO magazine. Fill out the card and bring it to booth 4030 to enter the drawing!

Every year we enjoy seeing many Satellite customers. This year, we hope to see you and hopefully, make you one of the lucky winners!


The Early Days

We met in the early ‘60’s’, both in our late 20’s. Al had just moved his fledging business from Marshall Avenue in N.E. Minneapolis to Plymouth. I was in a small law firm where the senior partner also taught Business Law at the University of Minnesota. Al attended that course.

Al became one of my first clients and to this day I think of him as the personification of work ethic and of how an individual with an idea (and not a lot else) can become an extremely successful entrepreneur in America.

But wait a minute, when I said, “not a lot else”, I forgot about his greatest virtue – her name is Jayne. She was the right woman for him and kept him “grounded”. But a business doesn’t grow, or last, without some other essentials. It takes people to run it and Al always kept focused on getting the right employees. A lot of effort went into finding compensation systems that rewarded and motivated all who came to Satellite. In one sense, it wasn’t a high-tech business but Al made it feel like one by his constant search to build a better unit and discover the perfect chemicals. The right employees were critical in the hunt for a “better mouse trap”. Much time was also spent expanding via acquisitions and quality control by picking the right vendors.

Ah yes, but that was over 55 years ago and I was asked to be brief, plus it shouldn’t be my job to nominate him for sainthood.

So, I will say just one more thing: Al didn’t inherit his business and he didn’t just get lucky----he earned it.

I saw it happen.

Paul Klaverkamp
Assistant Chairman/Board Member

old tufway
“I was in a pickup truck traveling to a national show in San Diego with the very first Tufway in the back. Just past Las Vegas I looked in my mirror and saw it tumbling across the pavement. Stopping quickly, I retrieved the unit with its scuff marks but no broken parts.

At the show, I was explaining to a potential customer why there were scuff marks. He asked me how fast I was traveling when it fell out of the truck. I told him 55 mph. He bought the demo unit and put in an order for more toilets. I guess it was a pretty good testimony of the durability of the Tufway.”
Phil Juaire Former VP of Manufacturing

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