Hand washing is about providing safe, usable water and Satellite is leading the way with new products and systems that give you the edge in a competitive market.


Free Standing Handwash stations

Easy to transport, these standalone sanitation stations are ideal for special events and high volume applications.


In Unit Handwash Stations

Install in any one of Satellite’s standard portable toilets for added hygiene without sacrificing interior space.



With an eye-catching design, the new Breeze is the ultimate hand wash station that seals tight for maximum sanitation. It's a freestanding, two station unit, with full fingertip to elbow washing with hands-free foot pumps, which fits easily inside most units for space-saving transport.


Keeps water fresh and clean with a fully enclosed tank that seals tight. Towel and soap dispensers, along with the spray nozzle, provide simple operation with outstanding results.


The low-cost Handistand will pay for itself in half the time and cost less to maintain than most other hand sanitation stands.



Compact in-unit handwash with water conserving "fan spray" nozzle is designed to fit most units. The forearm version has an oversized basin that lets the user wash all the way past the elbow and still leaves plenty of interior space.


Low profile hand wash unit with a fast foot pump fits seamlessly with the Maxim 3000 and its highly polished basin is quick to clean while maintaining its shine. Full forearm version has a basin so large that the user can easily wash their forearm without a mess.


A safe and convenient handwash solution for the agricultural market.

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